Editorial Guidelines for CasinoTop

Editorial Guidelines for CasinoTop

All content created, shared and stored on CasinoTop is here to provide you with greater chances of walking away a winner. We provide you with the following tools to enhance your gaming experience and improve your chances:


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Overview of Our Editorial Guidelines

Our editorial guidelines have been created, and shared with you, to dictate how we relay, write and share advice, reviews and information on our site.

What Do The Guidelines Do?

The better question would be what don’t our guidelines do? Our expert team of researchers, writers and editors are required to adhere to these guidelines to ensure that the information that we provide to you can be used as a resource for improving your gambling skills. Whether the content is about banking methods, reviews, guides on games. Comparisons, the explanation of strategies or even bonuses, these guidelines ensure that the information is accurate and is presented in a way that will be beneficial to you.

Here at CasinoTop, our aim is to empower you by providing you with the necessary knowledge and skills to make smart gambling decisions. The content that we create has been requested by users through their feedback, communications and comments as well as by industry trends, trending news, changes to law and legislation, statistics and our audiences’ requirements.

The guidelines are instrumental in our quest to ensure that all content meets the highest industry standards and that our editorial process has not been influenced, or adapted, by any commercial sources. Our editorial stance allows us to provide content that does not compromise our integrity and will prohibit any writer or employee from aligning themselves with commercial objectives. To hold true to this ideal, CasinoTop does not permit any third party advertising on our site and you will never see any side bar marketing or pop-up requests. This stance has gone a long way in helping us earn the trust of our readers who can be assured of the fact that we do not accept, condone or request interference from any operators, firms or external entities.

Origin of Our Guidelines

This editorial code was not passed down from management but was instead written by individuals from our editorial team who shared what they believe should be the guidelines. The Editor-in-Chief was impressed with the guidelines and accepted them as the guidelines to be followed. Our experienced Editor oversees the strategies and standards applied to editorial work and makes decisions about how content will be displayed on the main site while our news site is run independently by a team of upbeat journalists. You can read more about our other policies below:

Privacy Policy
Responsible Gambling Policy
Terms of Service

If you have any further queries that we have not covered, please do not hesitate to get in touch by navigating to the contact us page.

Our Team

At CasinoTop, we have carefully selected our employees to ensure that they are experts in their respective areas of gambling knowledge. Our team is made up of thorough and talented researchers, knowledgeable individuals and writers who are passionate about gambling as a whole. Our experts all have relevant experience in gambling and gaming and our goal is to share this expertise with our readers.

We often ask our Editor-in-Chief and respective experts to publicly comment on content that covers their area of expertise. These comments and tips will remain in line with our company mission, goal and principles.

The Editorial Code

Provide Unbiased Advice

CasinoTop has not gone into partnership with betting service providers or online casinos that it reviews. While the occurrence is rare, conflicts of interest are to be reported to the Editor immediately to ensure that the team is providing fair and unbiased information throughout.
This extends to the information, guidance and advice that we provide. While individuals can have likes, preferences and habits, we endeavour to provide impartial advice and guidance at all times. This allows you to make an uninfluenced and informed decision.

Ensure Accuracy

Any information that we relay to our readers has been supported by results provided by data-driven research. Our readers trust us and as such, our facts need to be 100% accurate and any analysis that we conduct must represent the most unbiased versions of our experts’ opinions.

To ensure that every bit of data we provide is accurate, several staff members will have a hand in the final product. Providing impartial and accurate information is a core value for our company and its mission.

Provide Concise and Comprehensive Information

In order to make our shared goal a reality, CasinoTop provides its content to many different regions of the world and does not request any fees or funds. We seek to provide free and accurate gambling and gaming information to individuals all over the world.

When it comes to the editorial code, we are required to present any content that we share in a concise, timeous and relevant manner to every player who chooses to use our site. Our team prides itself on taking complex concepts and terms and relaying them to you in a simple and comprehensive way. If you come across conflicting, confusing or unclear content please get in touch with us so we can rectify this.

Share Our Sources and Resources

In addition to our experts' opinions and advice, we provide our readers with facts. However, these facts need to be sourced from reputable places. We find our results in social media activities, press releases, mainstream news, trade publications and our direct contacts. To prove that we have conducted thorough research and to allow you the opportunity to do the same, we provide links and references for our information.

We Revisit and Correct Errors

While the team works hard to ensure that there are minimal to no errors in anything that we provide to our readers, a small allowance has been made for human error and the dynamic nature of the industry. The editorial code stipulates that the team has to revisit pages where errors and subjectivity have been identified and correct these accordingly in a timeous manner. This is why we encourage our readers to report mistakes and/or any issues by contacting the editorial team

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