Terms of Service

Hello, and welcome to Casinotop.com (our “site”).

Please take the time to read and familiarise yourself with the terms of service below.

CasinoTop Ownership

This site is operated by Value Marketing Ltd, in other words, “us”, “our”, “we”, or formally the “company”. We operate under the following company details:

Value Marketing Ltd
C 91541
Dragonara Business Centre
5th Floor, Dragonara Road
STJ 3141
St Julian’s

Throughout these terms of service, any mention of “you”, “your”, the “user”, or “player” refers to anyone that uses the site, software, or services under this agreement.

Privacy Policy

In addition to these terms of service, you will find further information on our “Privacy Policy” page.

This page will provide you with useful information following the review of our terms of service as the Privacy Policy was drafted to supplement this page as it is referenced throughout the terms of service below. Because of this, when we refer to the “agreement”, we are referring to both the Terms of Service (“Terms”) and the Privacy Policy.

The agreement is an agreement, as well as a way to govern the relationship between you and us that is legally binding.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to read the Privacy Policy thoroughly prior to using the site or the services thereof.

You understand and accept that further accessing the site or going beyond this page in any capacity means that you agree to and are bound by the terms and conditions of our service outlined in the agreement.

1. Acknowledgement and Revision of the Terms

If, for any reason that you do not agree with any point found within these Terms, you are hereby advised to promptly cease using our services and the site in any capacity.

We reserve the right to amend these Terms without providing any further notice or warning. Any amendments that are made to these Terms will be applied after fourteen (14) days of publishing the changes. This period may vary according to state laws, regulations, or edicts. If you continue to use the site and its services after any of these changes have come into effect from our position, that means that you agree to the amendments.

We advise that it is not our responsibility to keep you updated as to any pending amendments to these Terms, which is why it is vitally important that you continue to check in on these Terms from time to time to ensure that you are consistently playing within the rules and keeping to the agreement.

The company may terminate or place your use of the site on hold whenever we choose, and for whatever reason, which includes but is not limited to your failure to abide by the Terms of our agreement. If this were to happen, we are not required to reimburse you should the suspension of our services be detrimental to you or affect you financially.

2. Terms of Use: The Site and Services

You hereby acknowledge and understand that you are only allowed to access the site and its related services if you are 18 years of age or older. This age may vary according to your location and the applicable laws regarding the “Legal Age” of where you are usually located.

The contents of this site are not intended to appeal to anyone that is under the legal age of that country.

Further, you are not permitted to use the site or its services if you find yourself under the legal age and must cease access immediately upon discovering this term.

3. The Services of the Site

The services that we provide with respect to data collection relating to the gambling industry and the various categories within such as casino games, gambling platforms, and so on.

This site, as well as the services therein, are meant for research purposes and not for monetary gain.

We do not control any online gambling establishments or betting sites. Furthermore, wagers and bets are not accepted by the company in any capacity, either.

4. Rights Regarding Intellectual Property

The owner of the site, affiliates, and at times its licensors hold the rights to all written materials, data, software, and other content like functionality components. Other property may include photographs, graphics, pictures, images, artwork, forms, audio, videos, and animations that are featured on and fall under the term “site content”.

By accepting these Terms, you are agreeing to not take part in any alteration or the removal of any notices regarding copyright on the site.


With respect to the previous term, you accept that you understand that any other service marks, trade names, or trademarks that can be seen or referenced on this site are owned by the company, its affiliates, and at times its licensors which means that these parties’ own any rights that relate to them.

All trademarks and content that belongs to the site are hereby protected under intellectual property rights such as copyright.

By accepting these Terms, you are agreeing to and acknowledge that by accessing and using the site and its services, that you do not gain rights when it comes to the trademarks and overall site content. This means that you are only permitted to use this information in accordance with our agreement.

5. User-Generated Content

You are permitted to share messages, videos, images, software, text, available data, and other materials made available on the site through forums and any other types of chat and peer-to-peer messaging facilities.

These types of user-generated content are entirely your responsibility; the company and their affiliates are not liable when it comes to any content generated by you. This means that you release all claims against us when it comes to this content variant.

The Website’s Rights

The company maintains its right to use, reproduce, modify, copy, etc. any content provided by you in any manner of ways including but not limited to promotional purposes. The reproduction of this content may only happen on any platforms, and you agree to this fact and relinquish your right to the content and any monetary gains if you accept the terms of this agreement. In other words, you can’t claim any compensation from the company or its affiliates.

User Content

At the same time, according to the agreement, you understand and agree that we are not responsible for monitoring or reviewing user-generated content.

You agree that the company has the right to modify or remove any user-generated content. This pertains to the term above regarding users relinquishing any and all rights to this content and any alterations.

You are to be aware that any personal data submitted along with the user-generated content may be used, collected, or read by other site users and third parties. The company is not responsible for what you publish or any repercussions thereof; it is your responsibility to monitor and maintain the content that you generate. There is no privacy agreement between you and the company in relation to the publishing of content; it is your choice and your sole responsibility.

The agreement between you and the company includes the term that you shall at all times, remain civil and polite in any dealings or interactions with the site or other users. We hold the right to label any behaviour we find to be offensive, aggressive, or inappropriate in any manner, as such, and hold you accountable for it.

Further Agreements

You accept that you are not permitted to interact with, encourage, or assist other visitors or users when it comes to making the following content available:

  1. Content that encourages harmful, threatening, objectionable, insulting, or unlawful conduct.
  2. Content that you do not hold the rights to when it comes to publishing, no matter what your relationship, any context, or laws.
  3. Any content that breaches ownership rights of third parties, including but not limited to the intellectual property rights of any entity. The infringement is caused by a failure to obtain consent to share content that is not your own property.
  4. Any content that you were provided monetary compensation for by any outside person or entity.
  5. If the content holds any restricted or hidden subject matter.
  6. Should the content breach any laws, agreements, or regulations that are applicable to you or the information.
  7. Contain any subject matter that is created with the purpose or intent of interrupting the site.
  8. If the content infects the site with a virus, code, programs, or files in an effort to disrupt, limit or damage the functioning of digital software or hardware.
  9. Any content that promotes or relates to the company or its affiliates competitors.

You hereby agree and acknowledge that you will not make false or misleading statements as to the origin or source of user-generated content.

6. Prohibited Actions

Throughout the visitation and utilisation of our site, you acquiesce that you are not to and not to allow others to:

  1. Collect or access personal data or information that can be used to identify other site users, regardless of the objective.
  2. Utilise the site itself, or the services that it provides in any associated legal actions.
  3. Redistribute, modify, copy, publish, or attempt to gain access to the site’s source code with the intention of manufacturing products that derive from the source code.
  4. Collect or source information or data via the site or make use of any kind of robot, AI, program, or other means, whether automated or otherwise, to grant yourself (and others) the ability to enter the site.
  5. Reveal information pertaining to the site or services to any outside entities.
  6. Dispense of any variations or harmful bugs, spyware, or other variations of malware, locks, hidden files, copy protection features, droppers, keyloggers, or any other sort of tool whether malicious or not, that possesses similar intentions when it comes to attempting to harm the site, services, visitors, or users of both the site and its services.
  7. Refrain from copying, leasing, publishing, performing, reproducing, modifying, distributing, licensing, deriving works from, selling, or transferring content, trademarks, or user content owned by the site.
  8. Provide access to the site software to any outside entities via the use of digital networks or otherwise.
  9. Not to make a conscious effort to reduce or endanger the site, its affiliates, or their reputations.

7. Your Pledge and Portrayal

Through the action of accessing and using our site, you represent and warrant that:

  1. You are of legal age in accordance with the laws of your country.
  2. The reasons behind your use of the site are of personal nature and non-commercial capacity.
  3. You have confirmed and pledge that your use of the site and services do not in any way infringe or violate any laws or regulations pertaining to any applicable territory and its regulations and that you will not utilise any of the services, the site itself, and any data or materials therein to aid or abed any illegal happenings.
  4. You as the user, acquiesce that you will utilise the site, its data, and services according to the terms that are outlined in our agreement and all future alterations and revisions to the conditions.
  5. Utilise the data made available through the site for any unauthorised or illegal activities that are in breach of any local, national, or international laws. These are including but not limited to trademark, copyright, import, or export regulations.
  6. Pass yourself off as another entity or individual that is not you.
  7. Have any right to take part in a class-action lawsuit or trial against the company or any of the company’s affiliates in any territory where a waiver is possible. You will also agree to take part in arbitration measures if there ever is a disagreement as elaborated upon in these Terms.

If you are accessing and utilising the site and the services provided on behalf of an outside organisation, company, or entity, you portray and permit that:

  1. You are tasked with representing the outside entity and have the authority to agree and bind the third party to the terms of service on behalf of the organisation.
  2. You have read through the terms of our agreement thoroughly and understand that you are bound by the Terms.
  3. You comprehend what each of the paragraphs and highlight points within the Terms means.
  4. You accept and agree to obey the conditions within the terms of use on behalf of the organisation in question.

8. Outsider Content

We hereby advise that there may be links to alternate sites, products, content, or services that are given for reference sake and ease of use. These are the only reasons; the references to outside entities other than us are not affiliates of ours. You cannot hold us accountable for any disagreeable content that may reveal itself as our use of the hyperlink to their site does not mean that we condone or promote their brand, content, or ideas.

As mentioned in these Terms, we provide the links and references for your convenience, and so it is entirely your responsibility to understand the degree of data you wish to utilise and do so at your own risk.

By us linking and referencing third-party websites or content does not translate to promotions or endorsements. Nor are we responsible for any inaccuracies, or poor qualities that are found pertaining to any of the services or products found in the referenced data.

9. Services Pertaining to Gaming

The information that is made available via the actual site, the services, and the content is intended for your research and entertainment purposes alone, and not for the purposes of any other uses or gains.

We, the site, our content, or services could possibly include links, references, or promotions to outside entities and their content which are in relation to online gambling and gaming services.

These online gambling and gaming services are aimed at and meant to be seen and utilised for any entities, visitors, and users that access the site within a territory that considers gaming and gambling services as legal.

Further Agreements

Without disrupting the preceding terms, you must understand that regulations that refer to online gambling and gaming will depend on your location. In stating this fact, the onus is on you to ensure that you are in full compliance with whichever laws and regulations are applicable in the country that you typically reside in, with respect to using the site and its contents thereof.

Just because you are granted access to the site, does not mean that you are permitted by law to do so as the ability to access the content does not mean that the site, its services, content, and activities are allowed under your country’s laws and regulations.

Acceptance of the Agreement

The acceptance of this agreement means that you are in agreement when it comes to you accessing and using of the gaming services:

  1. That you are situated within the geographical location of a government that does not restrict access to or the use of gaming services and facilities in which you have access to on and throughout our site.
  2. That you are not younger than 18 years of age, or the legal age as it is considered to be according to the specific laws that govern your country or territory in reference to engaging in the use of gaming and gambling services.
  3. That you have thoroughly read and researched the laws and regulations pertaining to the access of gaming and gambling services and that these services do not infringe on any laws that apply to them.
  4. That you are fully aware of the risk when it comes to the utilisation of the information found on the site and how it may end in a monetary loss for you when it comes to engaging in any form of gambling and or betting activities.
  5. That you will confirm any requirements that are required by gaming services for its utilisation as it is possible for amendments to occur sporadically.
  6. That you are comprehensively aware of the fact that there is always a risk of suffering monetary losses when it comes to gaming and gambling through the use of gaming services, and that you are additionally aware of the fact that it is your sole responsibility for any such occurrences.
  7. That in addition to the most recent point, you are also the only entity that can claim sole ownership of the choice to use gaming services. When it comes to your financial losses due to gambling-related activities, you will not be permitted to submit any claims against the company or any of their stakeholders.
  8. That the site has nothing to do with the legal side of gambling (whether online or offline), nor do we provide advice to you on any and all such matters. Any relating aspects such as understanding and complying with any and all applicable gambling laws from your country of residence is your responsibility and yours alone.
  9. That we may have provided you with a comprehensive list of gaming and gambling information with respect to gambling and gaming in a broad nature, however, in no way are we encouraging any users to take part in such activities. The choice to participate in gambling and gaming activities is entirely yours, and therefore we can’t be held responsible for your personal decisions to participate in either activities. If you decide to engage in these activities, then be sure to read our Responsible Gambling Policy.

10. Disclaimer

With respect to the accessing of any and all site content, the materials that are made accessible through the site services, as well as the use thereof, the option to do so is entirely at your own risk, choice, and sole discretion.

All content that you can access throughout the site and the services thereof are accessible according to an “as is” basis. The company and all affiliates, including licensors, do not take any responsibility for any and all potential infringements of existing laws, regulations, and other applicable statutes and limitations. When it comes to their terms, implied conditions, warranties, representations, and other applicable aspects of the service.

We, therefore, confirm that there is no pledge by the company that the site, services, and content thereof will meet your requirements or expectations such as being timely, secure, available at all times, or free of errors. Other non-pledges regarding the correction of defects or being free of bugs, malware, spyware, or viruses.

11. Liability

We, the company, our affiliates, and license holders will not be liable to you or any outside entity when it comes to negligence, breach of contract, or in any other capacity with regards to any form of damage or loss that can be derived from or in any way connected with your, or anyone else’s access or use of our site and services - regardless of whether it be considered indirect or direct.

This includes but is not limited to the financial sufferings, earnings interruptions, data loss, and any other consequential loss. This is still applicable to instances that we have been made aware of, as this type of knowledge does not alter the terms laid out in the Terms.

Further Agreements

Similar to the above, we will not be held responsible for any negative events that arise as a result of accessing or utilising the site and its services. This includes but is not limited to any damage or loss that occurs after accessing any services and information in which we provide. Included is any outcome that relates to your accessing any links supplied by us; the same goes for anything pertaining to the information that comes with any links.

By agreeing to our Terms, you accept that the company and affiliates will not be responsible to you or any other third party user when it comes to any and all potential modifications, terminations, or suspensions of the site or services.

12. Insurance

You agree to any and all terms and conditions that have been set out by us upon your visitation or the utilisation of the site or services, this means that you acknowledge and accept your relinquishment of the right to hold stakeholders or us, and other associated parties accountable for any damages, liabilities, losses, and any expenses including but not limited to, legal fees - even if all of these are a result of:

  1. The breaching of our agreement.
  2. Your access and use of our products and services, or any other entity accessing your device or account.
  3. Your violation of any laws or regulations.
  4. Any negligence on your part.
  5. Any intentional or unintentional misconduct from your side.

Further Agreements

You henceforth agree:

  1. To instantly contact us when it comes to the appearance of a claim.
  2. To refrain from settling any claim sans the possession of our written consent.
  3. That anyone of the indemnified parties (depending on the relationship of the parties) has the right or authority to take on the defence of any particular claim and you are required to work amicably with them and cooperate to all information and assistance requests when pertaining to the claims.

You hold the right to separate Counsel when it comes to any claim and to take part in any defence activities.

In the unfortunate event that the applicable indemnified parties in which we elected for the task of taking on the defence of your claim do not get into contact with you, you possess the right to defend the claim by making use of your own Counsel that is considered (by us) as acceptable in accordance with the Indemnified Party, which is subject to the indemnified party and their right to accept the responsibility of undertaking the defence, even at their sole expense, when it comes to the defence of any claim.

13. Copyright Infringement Protocol

The company is respectful of the rights regarding intellectual property relating to individuals and we, therefore, expect any visitors and users of our site to do the same. If you are of the opinion that any content belonging to us that falls under the category of user content violates copyright or infringes any individuals or your own intellectual property rights, the next step to take would be informing us of such content by compiling and submitting the following information:

  1. Your name and titles and the company name or the name of the outside party that you are representing.
  2. Your contact details, which must include a valid email address, telephone number, and physical address.
  3. The content that allegedly infringes on the abovementioned property along with details pertaining to its location on the site. You must include a link to the page on which the content will be located or at least a detailed description of where we can find it.
  4. An authorising signature, either physical or digital that gives you the right to pursue justice on behalf of the intellectual property owner regarding the alleged infringement of copyright.
  5. A written statement from the party that submitted the complaint which sets out that the use of the content in question is not permissible to be on the site by the copyright owner, the law, or related parties.
  6. A further statement from the reporter of the incident that the information within the notification is true and verifiable, and under the potential penalty of perjury, that the notifying party has the authority to act on behalf of the content owner.

You can contact our copyright representative via email at enquiries@casinotop.com.

14. Agreement Termination

We maintain the rights to terminate the agreement in its entirety and revoke your access to the site and services without prior notice or monetary compensation:

  1. Should we make the decision to cease our services, whether it be in part, entirely, or specifically with respect to you.
  2. If we have reason to speculate that you have threatened to or breached any of the terms laid out within the agreement.
  3. If your use of the site or services have breached the agreement or considered by us to be improper.
  4. Alternatively, upon any grounds that we find to be reasonable.

15. Governing Law and Arbitration

Through the decision to access or utilise our site and services, you acknowledge, understand, and agree that our agreement and your use thereof will be regulated exclusively by the laws of England and Wales, with any consideration of any conflicts when it comes to legal conditions.

Should the event of a controversy, claim, or dispute be borne from or relating to this agreement, your use of the site or the services, the relevant parties shall consult and negotiate in an attempt to settle the dispute over the course of a 30 day period. At any time, should there be any unresolved issues, these shall be passed onto and resolved by binding arbitration under the Constitutional Court of Malta. At this juncture, the agreement between the arbitrator and the related parties are that:

  1. The number of arbitrators will be one.
  2. The location of the process of arbitration will be Malta, with the language being English.
  3. The appointed authority of the matter will be the Constitutional Court of Malta.
  4. The governing law of this arbitration agreement will abide by the substantive laws of Malta.

16. Confidentiality

Through visiting or using the site and services, you agree that, besides when directed by us, you will not disclose any sensitive or confidential information regarding our practices, software, contents, and other related aspects of the site and services, as well as, any time thereafter, keeping all information completely confidential. The confidential information will not be permitted for use in any capacity other than within the event and process of arbitration.

Without infringing on the abovementioned confidentiality term, you are permitted to disclose any and all information, whether it is considered confidential or not by the company, if you are required to do so by law with the provision that you must notify us, consult with us, and cooperate with us in regards to your actions or another such way that assures the company that potentially confidential data will be afforded confidential treatment.

17. The Agreement in its Entirety

The agreement pertains to and contains the entirety of all terms and conditions between you and the company with respect to your use of the site, the services, and software. The agreement takes the place of any and all previously existing agreements outlined between yourself and the company. Throughout the acceptance of the terms of use, you confirm that you have not previously relied upon any representations or warranty outside of the company.

18. The Severability of Our Terms

In accordance with existing laws and regulations, and the extent that the severability can reach, we have the authority to decide the degree on all terms and conditions within this agreement when it comes to the severability resulting from the breach of any understanding between you and us. No condition will be altered or affected in any way by the inaccuracy of any of the other terms and conditions that are listed in this agreement.

19. Irreparable Harm

In accepting the agreement, you agree that any harm that we deem to be irreparable cannot be solvable through monetary compensation as we have the ability to deem the damage as the harm that cannot be undone. Additionally, you acknowledge and understand that any breach of contract on your behalf or any activity on your behalf that threatens our agreement, has the potential to cause irreparable harm to the company.

Despite anything to the contrary that can be found within the Terms, without adversely affecting any of the existing rights and remedies of ours, you hereby agree that financial restitution would not solve that which was a result of your actions. As such, we are entitled to seek equitable relief such as specific performance or remedies of an injunction when it comes to any aspects within this agreement that have been threatened or breached.

No evidence of the occurrence of the act or the irreparable injury itself is required in order for any of our procedures to come into effect. We have the express right to carry out any justice that we see fit in response to the breach or any other activity that threatens the agreement.

20. Provisions that Endure

Any arrangements from this point onward which explicitly or by their nature are first required to endure the expiration or termination of this agreement so as to accomplish their reason for existing will then survive up until it is not necessary that they endure any longer to reach that purpose. Without detracting from the generic aspect of the preceding, Sections 4, 6, 7, and 10 through to 22 inclusive, concerning this will survive any potential cancellation of this agreement.

21. Waiver

Any waiver that is released by us with reference to anyone term of the agreement will not mean that the waiver pertains to any preceding or succeeding terms of this agreement, surrounding the wavered term.

22. Third-Party Rights

Unless otherwise stated by us, there is nothing in our agreement that provides or otherwise transfers any rights or benefits to outside entities. You are not able to identify any terms within this agreement as attempts at forging any sort of partnership whatsoever, or any type of joint venture between you and us, or them.

23. Allocation

It is imperative that you understand that we reserve our rights to pledge, sublicence, assign, or transfer any existing agreement between yourself and the company, whether in part or the entirety of the list of terms, without the need for obtaining any consent from you:

  1. To any party that exists within the same corporate group as the company.
  2. During a business merger, asset sales, as well as, other variations of corporate transactions that the company plays a part in. You, on the other hand, are not permitted to pledge, sublicence, allocate, nor transfer any responsibility and rights that are owned by you with respect to this agreement.