A Guide to Playing Roulette

It’s a known fact that US gamblers love the excitement of playing and even watching someone play roulette at casinos. We have seen it many times in different movies over the years and the excitement has quickly made its way to online casinos. The great part is that all the variants are available online and easily accessible to the players in the US.

Playing roulette is not the most complicated gambling game out there. However, depending on the variant you choose, there are some rules you need to understand before diving in. Our team here at CasinoTop have taken time to find all the information you will need to get started or to revisit some things you might have forgotten about roulette.

While there are many variants of roulette, the three main forms are American, French and European roulette. The latter two have a table of 37 positions or numbers while the former has 38. The extra double zero you find on an American Roulette table increases the house edge and will most commonly be found at land-based casinos.

If you want to know as much as possible before playing online roulette, ensure to read through our guide thoroughly before you get started. We also have great recommendations for the best online casinos with the best roulette games to enjoy in the US.

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We want players to have a full picture of what to expect when playing roulette online. Take a look at our step by step guide below to find out all you need to play roulette online successfully. Note that some roulette variants have different rules, the steps below are generic instructions for the game.

Step 1

Choose and Place your Wager

Once your game has completely loaded and you have deposited funds into your bankroll, you are ready to place your bet. Take a look at the table and choose the chip size you want to bet with. Now, all you need to do is click on the number you want to bet on.

Red or Black
Payout – 1:1
When you bet on a specific colour, either red or black

High Denomination/Number
Payout – 1:1
Betting on the numbers 19-36

Low Denomination/Number
Payout – 1:1
Betting on the numbers 1-18

Payout – 2:1
Betting on 12 numbers in different positions

Payout – 2:1
Betting on 12 numbers horizontally on the table

Payout – 5:1
Betting on a total of 6 numbers covering 2 rows

Payout – 6:1
Betting on zero, double zero, 1, 2, and 3

Payout – 8:1
Betting on 4 numbers on the table

Payout – 11:1
Betting on 3 numbers in a row

Payout – 17:1
Betting on 2 number in no particular orde

Straight/Straight Up
Payout – 35:1
Betting on a single lucky number

Step 1 - Choose your bet
Step 2

Time to Spin the Wheel

You have completed all the basics, now it is time to actually see what fate has in store. Once your bets are shown on the roulette table, find and click on the “Spin” button. This will spin the roulette wheel just like the croupier does at a land-based or live casino.

Step 2 - The Wheel Will Spin
Step 3

Watch for the Results

The roulette wheel will eventually stop and you will see where the ball lands. Where the ball stops is what determines if you have won or lost the bet.

Step 3 - The Result
Step 4

Collect Winnings or Bet Again

You now know if you have won or lost the bets you placed on the roulette table. If you have won, then the digital dealer will issue your winnings and add them to your bankroll. If you weren’t successful, then take your time and take a look at the roulette table to place another bet for another round.

Step 4 - Get Paid Out

Free Roulette Guide

Players appreciate some assistance when it comes to understanding and successfully playing roulette and all its variants. We have created great resources like a free download online roulette guide. Take full advantage of the games you play and maximize your bankroll. You can learn so much more about American, European and French roulette, with ease.

Different variations of Roulette

American Roulette

American Roulette is most popular in the United States, as the name implies. The game is a variation of French Roulette, which features a bigger house edge of 5.26% and provides a more thrilling experience for all players.

What is American Roulette

European Roulette

European Roulette is a variation of Blaise Pascal's original French Roulette game. Changes were made to the game when the French form grew in popularity and spread to the big cities. In comparison to the others, European Roulette has a lower house edge of 2.7%.

What is European Roulette

French Roulette

Although French roulette is comparable to other variations of roulette, particularly European roulette, it does have certain distinct features that players must be aware of in order to have the best enjoyable gaming experience.

What is French Roulette

Multi-Ball Roulette

You can choose up to ten balls to be in play at the same time in Multi-Ball Roulette. Although this form of roulette adds to the excitement of the game and includes some new betting options, it is primarily based on the European roulette variant.

What is Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette 

Mini Roulette is the greatest option for individuals who prefer to keep things basic and straightforward. There are only 13 pockets in all, and you can use the "La Partage" betting strategy to improve your odds. It also makes for a faster-paced roulette variant that is a lot more fun than the serious, full variants that have so many different types of bets to choose from.

What is Multi-Ball Roulette

Live Dealer Roulette

Live Roulette is a roulette variation in which you play alongside a real dealer and other players. You're probably wondering how this is feasible. Of course, with the aid of contemporary and advanced technologies. Webcams have been around for a while and are now being used in online casino games. You can view everything that happens at the table and place your bets just like you would in a real casino by employing web cameras.

Roulette Odds and Payouts

When you play roulette online, for free or for real money, you need to understand the rules as well as know what odds are available. . As a general rule, if your bet has a small number of numbers, you're more likely to win. Why is that? Simple. Winning on just one number has better odds than winning on many numbers or a mix of numbers. Take a look at the following odds and payouts:

Bet on numbers Payout Odds
0, 00, or any single number 35:1 37:1
0 and 00, or any 2 adjoining numbers 17:1 18:1
Any 3 numbers 11:1 1.557:1
Any 4 numbers in a block 8:1 8.5:1
0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 6:1 5.33:1
Column bet, dozen bet 2:1 2.157:1
Odd, even,black, red, 1 - 18, 19 - 36 1:1 1. 111:1
Note: The odds shown above come from the American Roulette variant given that American Roulette is the most popular variant you will find at land-based casinos. It is also the game that most players are familiar with when they first decide to move

The Minimum and Maximum Bets for Online Roulette

The minimum betting range for online roulette is commonly found to be between $1 and $5. The maximum bets, on the other hand, can reach $15,000 per bet. It depends entirely on the roulette game you're playing. In the case of a high-stakes game, you'll discover that a maximum bet of $15000 is attainable. The same can be said for the other way around. In a low stakes game, you can bet as little as $0.50.

What’s the Difference Between Inside and Outside Bets imageUnderstanding Outside and Inside Bets

In a nutshell, outer bets (bets placed outside of the grid) have better odds but pay out less. However, there is a potential of a larger payment with inside bets (bets placed on the inside of the grid), but the payout odds are smaller.

Outside Bets

Outside bets are ones that involve placing wagers on certain outcomes. This means that rather than betting on the ball landing on a certain number between "1-36" and "0" "00," you wager on a specific type of event. Because these bets don't contain as much danger as inside bets, they have a lower payout ratio of 2:1, but your chances of winning are also better. Bets on whether the ball will land on "odds/evens" numbers or the "black/red" color code are examples of outside bets.

Inside Bets

Inside bets depict all the possible bets located on the inside section of the table. They consist of selecting a specific number of outcomes as opposed to just specific kinds of outcomes. They also offer a higher payout ratio of 1:1 compared to outside bets. This is because they carry a higher risk probability.

The Best Roulette Tips

There is no way to forecast a winning conclusion in this game, as there is in all casino games. However, there are some excellent roulette methods that you may employ to improve your chances of winning. Here are some excellent roulette tips. It will give you more information on how to improve your skills and your roulette game.

Opt for outside bets

Outside Bets are Preferred

As a newbie, it makes sense to stick to outside bets because they have better odds of winning. Outside bets, as a reminder, cover larger sections on the roulette wheel, giving them a better chance of appearing. Keep in mind, though, that inside bets pay out more.

The en prison rule

Using the En Prison Rule

When playing French Roulette, using the en prison rule is a good way to keep the odds in your favor as the player. It enables you to win even if the ball is sitting on a zero. However, keep in mind that the odds will have to be split 50/50.

Know your Roulette game type

Understand the Roulette Variant

While it's a popular misconception that all roulette games have the same house edge, this is far from the case. Distinct roulette variations could have different house edges. American Roulette has the highest house edge, while French Roulette has the lowest. European Roulette lingers in between the American and French variants.

Play Free Roulette Games

Don’t shy away from playing online roulette for free at the online casinos that you want to play at. We also have a great selection of free roulette variants to try. We encourage players to practice free roulette games to build confidence with no risks attached.

Play Online Roulette Today

There are tons of options for players in the US to engage in free or real money online roulette. Choose from a variety of roulette variants with ease and use the knowledge you have learned from our CasinoTop experts to maximize your gaming experience. We recommend only the best online casinos to enjoy some of the best quality roulette games out there.

Online Roulette FAQs

Our team of experts take their time to find the best sites to play online roulette. Through our research, we know that players have a range of questions that they need answered. We have put together the most common questions we have found and answered them to the best of our ability.

Are land-based and online roulette games the same?

Yes. The rules of roulette will always be the same whether you play online or at your local casino. So, learning how to play from one of our guides will help you in both areas. The rules mainly depend on the roulette variant you want to play and the main difference between online and land-based games is that the one has a person to spin the roulette wheel and the other has a button to click.

What is live dealer roulette?

Live roulette games can be enjoyed from your computer or mobile device. You play the roulette variant you want to and you will have a live dealer or croupier to spin the wheel and digitally collect and place your bets. The dealer is situated in a studio and is live-streamed to your device for a real-life roulette experience.

How can I increase my odds of winning at roulette?

The experts agree that placing outside bets will be the best way to increase your odds and decrease the house edge. The risk is lower, so that means that the payout is less as well. However, winning smaller bets over time can be more lucrative and good for your confidence over time.

How do I choose a wager when playing online roulette?

All you need to do is select the wager you want on the virtual table. Look at the roulette table you are playing at and just click on the color/number you want to bet on. Remember that you also need to decide on the amount you want to wager before selecting a position on the table.

Is roulette without a dealer rigged when playing online?

No. If you are playing roulette at a reputable online casino then the game’s fairness and randomness are secured by software known as random number generators. This software ensures that whenever the wheel is spun, the outcome is completely random, the same way that the wheel yields results at a land-based casino.

What type of bet will give me the biggest win?

The bet that relies on the highest level of risk. So, if you place a bet on a single number and color, the odds are set at 37:1. That means that if the bet is successful, your initial stake will be multiplied 37 times which equals your payout. However, this type of bet is very risky and unlikely to occur.

What effect does the double zero have in roulette?

When playing American Roulette with the double zero on the table, it increases the house edge. So, this is why most land-based casinos will have plenty of tables dedicated to American roulette. The casinos have more to gain from this variant and will always encourage players to enjoy it more often.

Can I play roulette on my mobile device?

Yes. You will access a range of roulette games directly from your mobile device. You can choose to play roulette on a tablet or smartphone with ease. There are mobile casino apps available and you can access the games directly from your mobile internet browser.

Does Mini Roulette have special rules?

No. It uses the same basic roulette rules as French Roulette and has fewer numbers to choose from. This makes mini roulette a fast-paced version of the game and gives players a less intimidating gaming experience. There are fewer betting options which makes it easier for players to enjoy the game.

Where can I play online roulette?

There are many online casinos available in the US that will have a wide range of roulette options available. You can rest assured that you will play some of the best games out there when choosing a variant from the online casinos we recommend.

Can I play roulette for free?

Yes. We have a great selection of free roulette games available on our website and the online casinos we recommend will have a great selection of online roulette variants to play for free. You will not be required to log in or sign up and you will not be spending any of your own money. You can play just for fun, to build your confidence or just for practice.

Are online casinos licensed to offer real money roulette?

Yes. If you are choosing to play roulette at a reputable online casino then all the games should be licensed. You can choose the variant you want to play and rest assured that the online casinos we recommend are fully licensed. You can check the online casino as well to see if they have a gaming license from a reputable gaming authority.

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