The Latest and Top-Rated Mobile Roulette Casinos

300% up to $6,000
1-5 days Payout
Win Rate
100% + 100 Free Spins
1-7 Days Payout
Win Rate
3-7 days Payout
Win Rate
3-7 days Payout
96.18% Win Rate

Play Free Roulette Instantly

If you are just in it for the fun, then why not try playing roulette for free. Check out our free roulette game below that can be enjoyed on a range of mobile devices and doesn’t require any sign up.

Blacklisted Mobile Roulette Casinos

There are tons of online casinos out there, but not all of them can be trusted. We take our time to thoroughly review every mobile casino we encounter to ensure that players have a good, safe and entertaining experience. If a mobile casino does not pass our inspection it is added to the blacklist below to ensure that players know which mobile roulette casinos to avoid.


Incorrect and misleading marketing relating to safety measures
Confusing wagering requirements
Inferior quality of games displayed


Customer complaints remain unresolved
Unprofessional customer service received
Stalled winnings being paid out


Consumer complaints ignored
Misleading claims to proper international licensing
Improper online casino practices in use

Reasons to Play Our Free Mobile Roulette

15369 hours spent on testing games
hours spent on testing games
< 0.01%
users experience crashes
the best free games
exclusive games at

Free mobile roulette games are ideal for those who just want to have a good time. The stunning graphics and exhilarating gameplay will keep you occupied for hours, and the fact that you can play them anywhere, at any time, makes them an excellent way to pass the time.

Free roulette games are also beneficial to those who want to learn how to win at roulette. It's an opportunity for them to put their talents to the test and try out fresh roulette techniques. In fact, if you're thinking about trying out a new type of mobile roulette, a free version of the game is a terrific place to start. There are no downloads, sign-ups, or registrations necessary to play mobile roulette games, making them quick and easy to set up.

Our team of experts have spent hours testing the free roulette games on offer and it is extremely rare for any of our games to crash. We didn’t stop at free roulette, our collection of free games include online slots, poker, blackjack and more. You will never run out of options when you want to enjoy a free casino game of your choice.

Reasons to Play Roulette for Real Money Vs. Free Play

When people start playing free roulette, they find that the game is not as complicated as they may have thought. That means that players quickly make the shift to playing online roulette for real money. Here are some of the advantages of playing roulette for free and for real money.

Playing Free Online Roulette
To play free Roulette, you don't need to register with a casino.
Place high-stakes bets with practice money.
There is no time limit, and you can test your strategies without risking real money.
There is no need to download anything; simply click to begin playing free Roulette.
Playing Online Roulette for Real Money
There are a variety of roulette games to pick from.
With real money deposits, loyalty programs and VIP privileges may be accessible.
For Live Dealer Roulette, only real money deposits are accepted.
More bonuses may be unlocked when real money is placed at an online casino.

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Rating and Reviewing the Best Mobile Roulette Casinos

Before our team puts an online casino on our list of recommended online casinos, there is a thorough testing process that needs to be completed. We follow a review process that only the best online casinos can complete. There are many factors to consider when we investigate why an online casino, especially a mobile roulette casino, is suited for our players in the US. Take a look at some of the most important factors we test for and consider.

Customer Service

When you are playing mobile roulette and something unexpected happens, we want to ensure that you have everything you need to overcome the problem. Therefore, we take our time to test the mobile roulette casinos and see how easily it is to reach the customer support team from a range of mobile devices. We also see how long it takes for an issue to be resolved and how well it is done.

Payment Methods

We use many different mobile devices to check and see if there are several easily accessible payment options when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. The best mobile roulette casinos will have payment options that are common in the US and easy to use.

Safety and Security 

We make sure that each mobile roulette casino is thoroughly researched, and a background check is conducted as well. Our team ensures that all the games on offer are fair, that the encryption technology is up to date and that each mobile roulette casino is fully licensed and regularly audited.

Mobile Compatibility

When it comes to mobile roulette, we go even further to test different variations of roulette on different mobile devices. We want to ensure that the best mobile roulette casinos are fully optimized for the smaller screen. An online casino will only make it on to our list, if it proves to us that it has a great selection of roulette games that can be accessed directly from the palm of your hand.

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The Best Mobile Devices for Online Roulette

Every person has their preference when it comes to using a smartphone or tablet. The same goes for online casino players as well, whether you prefer Android devices or those that run on iOS, you are likely to find an online casino to play at with ease these days. Let’s find out which devices are the most popular for players looking to play mobile roulette.


The iPad's larger screen and sharper visuals make it an excellent mobile gambling device. Tablets are perfect for players who want to play multiple roulette games at the same time or broadcast a live dealer game. All the roulette sites on this list are iPad friendly, with iOS apps and mobile roulette on the web.

American Roulette


The majority of online roulette games are compatible with iOS operating systems. Users of iPhones will have no trouble playing roulette or live roulette in a mobile browser. They will also have access to the Apple store, which will include all the greatest roulette apps.

European Roulette

Android Devices

Any reputable casino will have mobile roulette games available for Android users, whether you prefer an Android smartphone or tablet. Android users will be able to play a wide variety of casino games on their phones, including European, American, and French roulette. The Google Play Store will also provide players with access to all of the greatest roulette apps available.

French Roulette

Mobile Casino Apps Vs. Mobile Casinos

Players using their mobile devices can access online casino games with ease and it can be done in two ways. You can either download the mobile casino app or access the mobile casino from your mobile internet browser. Each method comes with its pros and cons, here is what to expect.

Mobile Casino Apps
Roulette and other casino games run smoothly and sometimes faster.
The interface is specifically built for mobile users.
Better quality graphics when playing through an app.
The full selection of casino games may not be accessible.
You will have to wait while the mobile casino app downloads and installs.
Mobile Casinos
No additional storage required for a download or installation.
Greater selection of games offered as the full website will be accessible.
Start playing casino games instantly.
The graphics may not be as sharp or impressive, depending on your internet connection.
Not all games and websites are fully optimized for mobile devices.

CasinoTop’s Thoughts

Even with the pros and cons, we believe that either option will provide players with a great gaming experience especially when you choose a reputable online casino. All you need to do is choose the method that suits you and we assure you that you will not be disappointed.

The Different Roulette Variants

The world of online and mobile gaming has opened up a new frontier of roulette games. While players may be familiar with the roulette tables they have encountered at land-based casinos, there are many more forms of roulette available to mobile device users. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular roulette variants out there.

European Roulette
French Roulette
American Roulette
Live Dealer Roulette

European Roulette

At both online and land-based casinos, European roulette is one of the most popular varieties. The key difference is that this game only has one zero, resulting in a lesser house edge for players.

European Roulette

French Roulette

The French version of roulette is strikingly similar to European roulette in that it contains a single zero and two additional rules: en prison and la partage, which assist you limit losses and reclaim your stakes.

French Roulette

American Roulette

American roulette, which is most played in high-end Las Vegas casinos, has an extra '00' number on the table and the roulette wheel, giving it a 5.26% house edge. It's difficult to win this version, but if you do, you'll be rewarded handsomely.

American Roulette

Live Dealer Roulette 

In this category, players will find different variants of roulette as well. However, there is a live dealer or croupier on screen. The person on the screen will collect all the bets from players that have joined the live stream and spin the roulette wheel just as they would in a land-based casino.

Live Dealer Roulette

Setting Up Mobile Roulette

As previously mentioned, you can choose to play mobile roulette through your internet browser or download and install a mobile casino app. Here are some general steps you will nfeed to follow to successfully play mobile roulette on your device.

Playing on a mobile casino app

You may find that the online casino you choose will have a link to download the app from the website or you will have to go to an app store to find it. Mobile casino apps usually have a better gaming experience. Here is how to get started with the mobile casino app.

Step 1: Choose an Online Casino
Find the mobile casino that you prefer, we suggest that you choose from the list of casinos we recommend. You will have access to free and real money casino games with ease.
Step 2: Download and Install
Find the relative link for your app store. In most cases, the website will have links to the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. Follow the steps for your app store and download and install the mobile casino app.
Step 3: Register an Account or Play for Free
Once the app is opened and fully loaded, you can continue to create a new account or just log in if you have an account already. If you are only using the casino app to play free games, then there is no need to sign in or create a new account, just skip this step.
Step 4: Choose Your Game
Go to the games lobby on the casino app and find the roulette variant you want to play. For the best gaming experience, make sure that your screen rotation is unlocked and that you are holding your device in landscape. This helps you access all the options and buttons on screen with ease.
Step 5: Play Your Game
You are ready to play. Once the roulette table loads, you can adjust the amount you want to bet and use your finger to slide your betting chips in place. In some cases, you just need to tap on the position on the table where you want your bet to land. Once your bets are placed you can choose to spin the wheel and wait for the results.

Playing through the mobile casino

If you don’t want to wait for an app to download or don’t have available storage, then you can choose to play mobile roulette through your mobile internet browser.

Step 1: Choose a Casino
Once again, we recommend that you choose an online casino from our list. Only the best mobile casinos have been placed on the list to give you the best gaming experience on your mobile device. Open your internet browser on your device and load the website.
Step 2: Sign in or Sign up
On a mobile device you are usually greeted by the sign in page. If you have an account then you can log in. If not, then you can create a new casino account, unless you are just at the website to play free games.
Step 3: Choose a Game
You can either choose a free game or find a real money roulette game you are interested in. You should have access to all the roulette variants you saw on the desktop version of the website.
Step 4: Start Playing Roulette
Once you have found the game you want to play, make sure that your mobile device is in landscape. You want to have all the options and buttons clearly displayed. Set the amount you want to bet and choose a position on the table. Your virtual chips should be displayed on the roulette table. When you are ready, tap the spin button and wait for the results.

Gaming Responsibly on Mobile

While playing mobile roulette is a simple method to get involved in the game, there are a few possible hazards to be aware of. It's critical to be responsible when playing any game on your mobile. Here are some of our best ideas for being safe.

keep your device charge

Keep your Device Charged

You don't want to run out of battery power in an emergency. Before you begin, make sure your smartphone has enough battery life. Just in case, keep a charger on hand or if you intend to play for a long time, you might need a power bank as well.

watch your data use

Watch Your Data Usage

Mobile gaming can quickly deplete your monthly data allowance. To avoid a large charge, it's recommended to play while connected to Wi-Fi.

use secure and private internet connection

Use a Secure and Private Internet Connection

Check to see if the Wi-Fi source you're using is secure. Only use connections that you know are safe and reliable. If in doubt, stay away.

Ready to Play Mobile Roulette

You should have all the information you need to access an online casino that offers roulette from your mobile device. If you are still unsure, then try the free games we have on offer or the games available from the online casinos we recommend. You should have everything you need to start practicing and become the best mobile roulette player you can be.

The Best Mobile Roulette Casinos

300% up to $6,000
1-5 days Payout
Win Rate

Mobile Roulette FAQs

We value the questions and feedback we receive from our US players. So, we have taken the time to list some of the most common questions about mobile roulette that we have received. We have answered them with as much information, to help you on your roulette journey.

How can I play roulette on my mobile device?

Many casinos are introducing mobile versions of their best games in response to the growing popularity of mobile gaming. Roulette is no different. You can use an app or a mobile casino to play roulette on your smartphone. It functions in the same way as the desktop version. See our roulette tips and how to play guides for more information on the game in general.

Which is better, casino apps or instant play?

Apps for casinos are usually more enjoyable to use. Dedicated casino applications will have a greater selection of games and software updates on a regular basis. Mobile casinos, on the other hand, continue to provide a high-quality gaming experience. At the end of it all, it all depends on what you prefer.

How do I find the best mobile roulette games?

In the listing above, you'll find the finest mobile roulette games. Each of the casinos we recommend has a wide selection of mobile roulette games, as well as quick payouts, large bonuses, and more.

Do casino bonuses work for roulette on mobile?

If the bonus works for roulette on your computer or laptop, then the bonus will work for mobile roulette as well. You will not be denied your right to use your bonuses for casino games on mobile. In some cases, online casinos even award players with additional bonuses for playing on mobile devices.

How do I win at roulette every time?

There is no sure-fire strategy to always win at roulette, whether on a mobile device or not. Learn about roulette odds and choose a type with a low house edge, such as European roulette, to increase your chances of winning. Remember that mobile roulette is a game of chance and that there is always a fair chance that you will win or lose.