The Best Online Roulette Strategies

If you’re looking for the best roulette strategies when playing online, you have come to the right place. We’ve outlined a few of the best and most popular roulette strategies to help boost your gameplay experience. Keep in mind that, while these strategies certainly improve your chances of winning, roulette is a game of chance and wins cannot be guaranteed.

We cover some well-known strategies like Martingale and D’Alembert systems, as well as some lesser-known ones. Learn more about these strategies and how to use them to your advantage when playing online roulette.

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How to Choose an Online Roulette Strategy

When choosing a roulette strategy, one has to base it on your gameplay style as certain strategies are considered more aggressive than ‘safer’ options. More aggressive strategies require more risk and rewards while safer options entail more conservative betting for smaller but more frequent rewards. Before making any type of bet, it is important to learn the rules of the game. Remember that the house always has the upper hand and no matter what strategy you choose, there is no guaranteed way to beat the house.

The Best Online Roulette Strategies

Below we have included a list of the most common and recommended strategies for playing roulette online. Here we cover the basics of these strategies, its rules and how to use them to your advantage. Each of these strategies can be applied to land-based and online roulette games.

The Martingale System

The Martingale system is one of the most common and popular roulette betting strategies around. With this strategy, you double your next bet every time a loss occurs. The concept is that the player will eventually win and by doubling their bet, will manage to recoup any losses and even make a profit. That said, this strategy will only work when wagering even number bets.

The Labouchère System

In this system, a player increases their stake if a bet is lost. The player decides how much they want to win and this amount is divided into smaller numbers that add up to the winning goal. The player adds up the numbers, starting from the far left and then the far right to work out the first bet. If the wager is successful, the sequence moves forward but if the bet is a loss, the amount is added to the sequence on the far right.

The Reverse Labouchère System

This betting system increases a stake after a win. Just like the above-mentioned system, a bet is made from the sum of a sequence of first and last numbers. If a loss occurs, the first and last numbers are removed and if a win occurs, the last bet gets added to the sequence. The aim is to get rid of all numbers in the sequence and complete the cycle.

The Andrucci System

The reasoning behind this system is that the ball will land on each number of the wheel in due time. Players start by writing down the winning numbers of the first 30-35 spins. Then, make a prediction on what number the ball will next land on and bet on this same number for the next 15-25 spins or until a win occurs.

The D’Alembert System

This system focuses on all even money bets, such as black or red, odd or even or 1-18 and 19-36. Here, add one coin to your stake after a loss. If a win occurs, remove one coin from your total stake. This is another popular progression system like Martingale except it’s not as aggressive or high-risk.

The Contra D’Alembert System

This reverse D’Alembert system details that when there is a win, add one coin to the total wager for the next spin. If there is a loss, a coin is removed. This system is another popular progression strategy.

The Fibonacci System

For this system to work, use a sequence of numbers where the stake is the sum of the two previous stakes. When a loss occurs, one number is added to the sequence. For a win, two numbers are taken away. Additionally, each bet must be placed on an even-money wager.

The Paroli System

Here, the player doubles their stake when a bet is won. This process continues until three consecutive wins occur. This system is similar to the Martingale, except the player does not double their stake when a loss occurs.

The 3 2 System

This system takes the form of two bets, namely the outside and column bets. The idea of this system is to cover several sections to increase your chances and minimise the risk of losing. Additionally, the bet being wagered is not important, just that they are both being wagered on.

The 1 3 2 6 System

This system lets the player increase their stake every time a win occurs. However, players return to the beginning and bet one unit after a loss. Once the sequence is completed, the process starts again.

Factors Which May Affect Your Roulette Strategy

While it is always a good idea to have a roulette strategy when playing for real money, there are certain factors that may affect the overall experience and effectiveness of the system. This includes:

Minimum and maximum bets

Both land-based and online casinos will have minimum and maximum bets on roulette games. Depending on what they are, this may affect your roulette strategy. Typically, a minimum bet starts at around $10 while a maximum bet can be pretty high, averaging around $60 000 in many cases, although they do vary from one casino to the next.

Game type

Roulette comes in many different variations, each with slightly tweaked rules and gameplay, which can affect the house edge as well as a specific roulette strategy. For example, players using the Andrucci system may be on the lookout for choosing numbers that come up most often. If you’re playing American roulette, you should consider that this version has an additional number, namely 00.

Payout amounts

Players should keep the potential payout amount in mind when utilising any type of roulette strategy. That said, this is not the easiest task as the payout remains 35:1 across all variations that involve 37 numbers. In the same vein, payouts for specific bets have standard payouts of 6:1, making it a bad bet choice.

What is the safest roulette bet?

Even-money bets are considered as the safest roulette bets. Betting on black or red or odds or evens or numbers 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 come with 1:1 odds. Most of the popular roulette betting strategies take into account even money bets, however the only shortcoming is that the odds are lower than the payout odds for other betting types.

The Roulette Strategies to Avoid

There are two main strategies to avoid when playing roulette for real money. This is studying for patterns and the 666 strategy.

Studying for Patterns

As the name suggests, this is a strategy of looking for patterns in roulette. Since roulette is a game of chance and online casinos use random number generators to ensure random and unbiased results, this is a useless strategy to employ. Due to the randomness of the results, the outcome of each spin can never be precisely predicted and there is no pattern that can be established. No mathematical formula can determine the outcome. The best, most successful strategies will never use a pattern system to predict an outcome.

The 666 System

This is quite an aggressive system that involves a player betting on as many numbers as you can at the same time. The theory here is pretty self-explanatory – the more numbers you bet on; the more profit can be won. The reason the strategy is called ‘666’ is because all the numbers on the wheel add up to 666. That said, despite the ambitious nature of this strategy, the average outcome is usually a loss.

How to Win at Roulette

While wins are never guaranteed when playing a game of chance like roulette, players can also take some advice to improve your chances and enjoy the most rewarding overall experience.

Set a betting limit before you play.
Play at the best and most reputable online casinos.
Choose a roulette strategy that works for you.
Try out the strategy by playing for free.
Patterns are a no-no and do not work. Avoid at all costs.


Roulette is a game of chance, which means there is no guaranteed way to win. In fact, most wins are based on many hours of practising and luck being on your side on that day. If you choose to use a strategy, remember they are mainly based on minimising loss that improves your chances of winning. Because online casinos use random number generators, all results are random and unbiased and cannot be influenced by any human. That said, knowing things like roulette odds and betting systems can certainly help improve your overall gaming experience and minimise losses. We advise playing for free at one of our featured sites before playing for real money.

Roulette is based on luck and there is no way to guarantee a win on every spin. Also, in roulette, the house always has the advantage. That said, understanding roulette odds and strategies will help you improve your betting decisions to minimise huge losses when playing for real money.

Yes. Even though roulette is based on luck, players have been able to rack up the wins by playing single-number bets, although these are higher in risk. Single number bets pay out 35/1, so you can expect a decent reward if you are successful with this bet. Regardless of how much you win, players can only stand a chance of earning rewards when playing for real money.

In theory, yes. That said, it is not a fool-proof way to win big playing online roulette. If you plan to use this system, the idea is that you will eventually cover previous losses and even earn a profit as well. No win is guaranteed when playing for real money.

While some software programs that claim to determine the best bets to make, in reality, results cannot be predetermined as all online games use random number generators. As best, these programs can figure out the odds, and that’s about it. Most are scams so don’t spend money trying to cheat the system as all results are fair and random.

Historically, even-money wagers are the safest bets in roulette. These are bets on red/black, odd/even, or 1-18/19-36, which all have odds of 1:1. In fact, most well-known roulette strategies are based on even-money wagers. The only downside to these safe bets is that they have the lowest payouts, although more frequently than other bets.

Yes, everything you can do playing online can be achieved when playing on your mobile device. As long as you are playing at a mobile site that is well established and fully optimised, you should have no issues enjoying a successful gaming experience while on the go.

Yes, playing for free is incredibly helpful when practising a new strategy. In this way, you can try out new strategies without risking any money. Only once you are comfortable with the strategy, then move to real-money play.