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Do you enjoy playing Sic Bo or are you curious what it's all about? Then this guide is for you. Given the large number of online casinos available to players in the United States, finding one that provides the game can be difficult at times. Our team of pros has combed through the internet to find the top Sic Bo online casinos.

This Sic Bo guide will teach you how to play the game, where it comes from, and the best techniques for getting started or improving your skills. We've reviewed all of the casinos we recommend and have also played Sic Bo at each one of them. As a result, you can rest assured that when you choose one of our top-rated online casinos, you will not be disappointed because we have done all the legwork for you.

Top Recommended Sic Bo Casinos

When it comes to playing Sic Bo online, we take our time and read through all of the online casinos' features to discover what they have to offer. To obtain the best in security, enjoyment, and entertainment, check out our recommended online casinos.

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Playing Online Sic Bo

It has been argued that Sic Bo is the perfect blend of roulette and craps. We can help you learn more about Sic Bo and play like a pro when you sit down and play online, whether you've been playing for a long time or are just getting started. Our team of experts have gathered all the information you will ever need to be the best Sic Bo player you can be.

Playing Real Money Sic Bo Online

A simple game to play in which luck is the most important factor. Playing Sic Bo for real money is a terrific way to unwind and enjoy a never-ending table game. When you play Sic Bo, you don't need to know much about the game or have a deep understanding of it. You'll be pleased to learn that the stakes are as high as you want them to be, allowing for smaller wagers at any time.

You can also study and practice some methods to help you get the most out of your gaming experience. Learning on the fly and figuring out what works for you with Sic Bo, on the other hand, is fantastic. You can place tiny bets, which means there is less risk while still having a chance to win.

Understanding Sic Bo

When it comes to Sic Bo, the key components you should become familiar with are the gaming board and the dice used to play with. Sic Bo employs three dice, unlike most other casino games, and the bets you can make are determined by the numbers that appear when the dice are tossed.

You'll see that you can place multiple bets at once while playing Sic Bo. These wagers are based on guessing which specific numbers will appear on the dice after the toss, a set of numbers that will appear, or the sum of the three dice values. Here are some terms to keep in mind when playing.


You can place a wager on what you believe the sum of all three dice will be. You have the option of betting on any number between 4 and 16. The numbers 3 and 18 are not included because they are part of a distinct Sic Bo bet type.


The triple is a dangerous but entertaining wager in which you guess what each of the dice will display following the toss. If you win, you will receive a 30 to 1 reward. Another bet that offers odds of 180:1 is betting on a certain triple that appears on the dice after the toss.


You bet is a prediction that two of the dice will have the same number after they have been rolled.


Predicting that at least one of the game’s dice will have the number you selected.

Play Sic Bo With These Steps

The player has more influence over the game when playing Sic Bo online. After the next roll, you'll have plenty of time to consider which numbers will appear on the dice. So, before you roll the dice, take your time and think about your lucky numbers.


Make a wager and lay your chips on the table.


On your screen, press the roll button.


Allow the dice to stop rolling to see if you've won.

How to Choose a Casino to Play Sic Bo

When looking for a place to gamble online, you want to make sure you're getting the most out of your time. Here's something to think about when looking for an online casino to play Sic Bo at.

Watch for High Payout Percentages

Payout amounts indicate how much money a player can win by playing at a given online casino. This is based on an average of a huge number of games played over time and how the house, or the casino, will profit by taking a tiny profit while allowing players to profit even more if they win. In theory, a 96% payout ratio indicates that if a player bets $100 and wins, they will receive $96 in earnings. The minuscule sum will be given to the house.

The chances of winning such enormous sums are so fantastic, it's no surprise that so many individuals enjoy playing Sic Bo. Furthermore, because the game attracts so much attention and participation at any given time, it makes sense for the casino to keep a small portion of the revenues.

Find the Best Bonuses

The greatest strategy to optimize your playing time and money is to take advantage of the bonuses available at online casinos. You will receive a welcome bonus as a new player, and you must ensure that the terms and conditions of receiving and spending the bonus are suitable for you. So, before joining up and opening a new casino account, it's best to learn more about the offer. Bonuses frequently come with wagering requirements, are only good for a short time, or have other restrictions.

You can also find bonuses that our team has assessed based on your budget or what you are looking for, Try our Bonus calculator below.

Bonus Calculator

By working out the value of bonus, you can determine how much you can play with in both your deposit and bonus money.

Depending on the value of your enter as a deposit, you'll see that some casinos will offer you the best bonus based on your first deposit while other casinos may require more than one deposit to receive the offer.


Casinos award bonuses based on the total bankroll figure. You can unlock the same bonus at different casinos, but it depends on whether you are required to make one, two, three or more deposits to receive the best option for you. Casino - Logo
Ignition Casino - Logo
Red Dog Casino - Logo


Use this tool to compare bonuses at different online casinos and stick with the casinos that have the fairest wagering requirements. Always make sure to read the T&C before accepting a bonus.

Play Sic Bo Online Safely

If you're looking for an online casino that provides Sic Bo, check sure it's safe to play. Even though we verify all of an online casino's security features, we want to make sure you're aware of what to look out for as well.

Examine the casino's privacy and security policy to see if the platform's encryption and SSL certification meet industry requirements.
Examine how regularly the online casino is audited.
Examine the payment alternatives to verify if they are valid, secure, and convenient.
Check out which customer service options are available and how easy it is to contact them.

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Rating and Reviewing Sic Bo Casinos

Sic Bo is a specialty game that is hard to come by in online casinos. This is another reason why we've pooled our resources to make it easier for you to select one that provides a high-quality gaming experience while being secure and convenient. Sic Bo has some of the greatest rewards in the casino industry, which is why it is so difficult to come by.

Our team of industry specialists thoroughly analyzed both the Sic Bo offerings and the online casino's platform. Before we offer any suggestions, we make sure that it is an online casino that we can recommend for a variety of reasons. The following are some of the most crucial criteria we take into account.

Customer Support and Security

For your personal and financial information, we use encryption, licensing, and security.

Payment Methods

A variety of secure and convenient banking choices are available.

Customer Service

The greatest customer service and a variety of communication methods are available.

Bonuses and Promotions

The finest incentives, bonuses, and fair and reasonable withdrawal processing timeframes.

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Playing Online with Sic Bo Strategies

When it comes to Sic Bo, knowing how to gamble goes a long way. Let's look at some tips for making the most of your Sic Bo gaming experience at one of our recommended online casinos.

Combine Your Bets

When you place multiple bets on each roll of the dice, you increase your chances of winning a large sum of money. This method carries a moderate risk, but the potential reward may be worth the risk in this case. You place your chips to place four bets before the dice are rolled. A wager on which numbers will appear on the dice, as well as a single additional stake that serves as insurance.

Frequently Place low-risk wagers

In Sic Bo, the odds can range from 1:1 to 180:1, thus choosing the odds that reduce your risk is the better option. Single bets for huge and small bets, for example, will result in lower risk but smaller and safer winnings. A major wager is placed on the numbers 11 to 17 on the board, while a minor bet is placed on the numbers 1 to 10.

Sic Bo Advice and Tips

When it comes to Sic Bo, there isn't much to say because the game is rather simple to grasp. When you decide to play Sic Bo for real money online, keep the following points in mind.
Always keep in mind that you need a strong and secure internet connection.
You can wager on which number will appear on any of the dice.
Unless you wager on a triple, the numbers displayed on the dice after the roll do not have to match for you to win.
You can bet on as many or as few numbers as you want.

Pro Tips for Sic Bo

Learn About the Payouts

You don't want to be pondering what might go wrong. So, before you start playing, be sure you understand your payouts.

Stay away from Proposition bets

When playing Sic Bo, a dealer may place a prop bet on you. Avoid them at all costs and simply say no. These bets favor the house and may appear thrilling at first, but they don't add to your bankroll or gaming experience in any way.

Try to stick to combination betting

You can put low-risk bets and play with three dice that feature a wide range of number combinations. Feel free to experiment with the different number combinations and place bets on them.

Avoid Big 8 or 6

These bets also considerably boost the house edge. As a result, attempt to avoid placing these wagers in order to maximize your winning potential rather than the casino's.

A Look Into the History of Sic Bo

Many games have their origins in Asia, and Sic Bo is one of them that has lasted the test of time. Let's take a look at where it came from and how it made its way into our homes so we may play anytime we want.

Approximately 2,000 years ago

It's impossible to identify when the game was invented, although warriors in ancient China used to play a game similar to sic bo in between fights. Other things, such as little bones, wood, or stone, would be etched with numbers to play the game instead of dice. The invention of dice altered the game and made it more accessible to a wider audience.

In The 19th Century

The game gained popularity due to its simplicity, and it moved west. The country's first wave of Chinese immigrants arrived to take advantage of the gold rush. Following that, while the United States began constructing its Transcontinental railroad, Chinese laborers played a critical role in its development. During those two key events, an inflow of people and culture introduced new and exciting things to the United States.

One of these was Sic Bo, which could be observed being played in labor camps. Despite the fact that so many individuals were playing the game in the open, western settlers were uninterested. However, the game was heating up in Macau, and the region's colonists would then transport Sic Bo to the rest of Europe.

The 20th Century

Despite the fact that there were more Chinese immigrants in the United States and more people playing the game, the settlers were unconcerned. Finally, between the 1920s and 1940s, Sic Bo was renamed Chuck a Luck and appeared at American carnivals. However, it will take time for the game to establish traction in the United States. In Macau, commercial gaming grew dramatically, and as a result, Sic Bo began to gain traction in the jurisdiction, eventually leading to the game's launch on the casino floor. This occurred in Macau in 1970 at the Hotel Lisboa.

1970s - 1990s

The major gaming industry in Las Vegas recognized that Sic Bo could be profitable, especially at a time when the city was seeing an influx of Chinese gamblers. Sic Bo was first played in back rooms of gambling establishments to test the waters and keep it hidden.

1990s – 2000s

It wasn't until the 1990s that players of other nationalities became interested and began to play Sic Bo. During this time, the game grew in popularity, and casinos in Las Vegas realized it didn't belong in the back rooms, so it was brought to the casino floor.

What Sic Bo Looks Like Today

Despite its fascinating and rich history, Sic Bo has never made the same impact on the casino industry as roulette, craps, or poker. The game's simplicity and enjoyment are underappreciated, as the game's entrance to online casinos demonstrates. Even though finding Sic Bo online might be tough at times, when you do, it is a unique experience, and major software developers have produced great-looking games for players to enjoy on their desktop computers or mobile devices.

The Best Online Sic Bo Casino

We rate all the casinos we review. When it comes to Sic Bo, the following online casino performed better than any other and we want you to take the opportunity and enjoy the best of the best.

300% up to $6,000
1-5 days Payout
Win Rate

Sic Bo Jargon

We rate all the casinos we review. When it comes to Sic Bo, the following online casino performed better than any other and we want you to take the opportunity and enjoy the best of the best.

Term Definition
Any DoubleIn some casinos, a bet on two dice with the same number, also known as any pair. This wager has odds of 11 to 1.
Any TripleA bet that has a payout of 31:1 and requires that a player bet that all the dice in play will display the same number after it is tossed.
BankrollThe real money you deposit into your casino account.
CageA container used to shake and hold the dice, this is then used to roll the dice on to the Sic Bo table.
ClearThe process of taking all the bets and betting chips off the Sic Bo table.
Combination BetA wager in which the player chooses two numbers from the three dice that will be thrown at the table. A pair bet is another name for this. The regular payoff odds for this bet are 6 to 1.
Any One NumberIn this wager, the player is expecting one number to emerge on the dice. The reward rises whether it happens twice or three times. If you strike one number, you'll get paid 1 to 1; if you hit two numbers, you'll get paid 2 to 1; and if you get three numbers, you'll get paid 12 to 1.
Big BetA wager on the total number of three dice being between 11 and 17. A three of a kind, on the other hand, isn't a winner because it has to be bet on separately. Due to the low house edge, this is one of the best bets in a game of sic bo.
CupAnother container, like a cage, that is used to shake and hold the dice before they’re tossed.
DiceSquare shaped objects with six sides each and numbered 1 to 6, three are used in Sic Bo and the dealer is the only one that touches these dice. The dealer doesn’t really touch the dice, but uses a cup or cage to shake and roll them.
Double or DuoPredicting that two out of the three dice will have a specific number. It is also known as a double bet and has a payout of 11:1.
EvenA bet on the sum of the three dice being an even number. This is only available in a few casinos and most of the time pays out at a 1 to 1 ratio. The house margin on this bet is 2.78 percent , making it a very favorable bet for the team.
Chuck a LuckA Sic Bo variant that has slightly different types of bets that can be placed and are a popular game to see at American carnivals.
Lose On Any TripleA situation in which a bet loses on a three of a kind, or triple, despite winning the primary bet. If you bet on a high number and three fives come up, you could win the bet because 15 is a high number, but you lose because every triple has a loss.
Grand HazardThis UK-based variant is comparable to chuck a luck, but with fewer betting options and lower payouts. It's generally advisable to avoid it if at all feasible because of the big house edge and low payouts.
Weak BetA wager on only one or two outcomes of the dice. The polar opposite of a strong bet is a weak bet. This has a larger possibility of happening, but the prize if you win is significantly lower.
Lucky DiceA name sometimes used informally to refer to the game of Sic Bo
Pair MatchAlso known to others as a combination bet
Re-BetWhen you choose to play another round but place the same bet as the round before.
SimpleA bet on a single number; sometimes known as a "single" bet. When one dice matches the number, the reward is 1 to 1, but when two or three dice match the number, the payout is larger.
Small BetYou will win if you wager that the total number of the three dice will be between 4 and 10. If you obtain three of a kind, you'll lose this bet. This is normally paid out at a 1:1 ratio, with a 2.78 percent house edge.
High Low or Hi-LoThis version of sic bo is popular in the Philippines and follows the same rules as the original. Payouts can vary, so double-check to be sure you're playing at the best table available.
SpinAnother term for the beginning of the dice rattling in whatever capsule or container that casino is using. Additional bets cannot be placed until the spin has started. You'll always see a spin button when playing online, which initiates the digital roll.
TotalBetting on the total of all the numbers on the dice to come up with a winning combination. It's difficult, if not impossible, to forecast, but it pays off handsomely.
TripleThis is a wager that all three dice will provide the same result. This is both the least likely to succeed and the most lucrative of all the sic bo bets, with a payout of 180:1.
Strong BetA wager on the sum of the three dice's outcomes. This has a lower probability of happening but a considerably bigger payout. As a result, it is known as powerful.

Sic Bo FAQs

We are always looking for any questions regarding Sic Bo, so that we can answer them for the players that need them. Take a look at the questions below and check whether the answers to them help you in any way.

Which online casino can I use to play Sic Bo?

We have ensured that the online casinos we recommend have what you need when it comes to playing Sic Bo. So, make sure you check the list of online casinos that we have tested and also play the games on these websites making it the best of the best for Sic Bo and other casino games.

What is the cup or cage in Sic Bo?

It is a container in the shape of a cup that the dealer uses to hold and shake the dice in. There is no physical touch on the dice which helps the game stay fair and random, limiting any attempts of cheating or adding loaded dice to the game.

What is the best Sic Bo bet to make as a beginner?

Because the Sic Bo table can be perplexing at first, many newcomers start by placing a little or large wager. If the sum of the three dice is between 4 and 10, the little bet wins right away. The huge bet wins if the total numbers sum up to any number between 11 and 17.

Can I use any strategies to play Sic Bo?

No. In its fundamental essence, it is a game of chance. It all depends on your luck and the wagers you choose to make. The outcome of a dice roll cannot be predicted at any time. So, don’t waste your time trying to track any patterns or trends during a Sic Bo game.

Are there Sic Bo games at US online casinos?

Yes. Finding a Sic Bo online casino might be challenging at times, but our suggested online casinos will make it simple for you to play Sic Bo as our team of experts have thoroughly checked each casino to make sure that there are good choices when you are choosing a Sic Bo variant to play.

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