The Best Online Casino for Playing Slots 2021

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A Beginners Guide to Playing Online Slots

Online and manual slot games are completely random and fair which makes for the perfect way to start gambling. It is easy to play with no strategy required to pull a lever or click the spin button. Additionally, it is easy to learn how to play and there are very few rules to learn, but understanding your favourite slot game is crucial to making the most of it and getting the most out of your game at any point. Here are five steps to getting started with online slots:

Step 1

Making Your Choice

Once you have found a trusted online casino to play at. You will then navigate to the slots section and browse through the games. Unless you have already researched the game you want to play, go ahead and search for it. Once selected, you should see it loading on the screen. When it is done you will be presented with the game and all the available functions. The most important ones are the spin button, bet selector and your bankroll. Don’t start playing just yet.

Step 2

Check the Paytable

Find the paytable on your selected game and have a look at the symbols you will encounter on your game’s reels. With any online slot, the different symbols are what makes it interesting. Each symbol has its own value and characteristics, so familiarize yourself with its features.

Step 3

Choosing Paylines

Some online slots can seem a bit complicated when you look at the paylines. You can select the paylines you want to play, essentially choosing the way you want to win as well. With these slots, you have more ways to win and not just the standard three symbols in a row payout. By choosing the maximum bet option, it will activate all the paylines when you hit the spin button.

Step 4

Start Spinning

You have made all your necessary selections, this step is easy. Hit Spin! Watch the reels as they go, once they stop you will know if you have won. If you do you will have the option to use what you won in the round to go again and in some cases get to enjoy a bonus game that could boost your winnings even further.

Step 5

Watch Your Funds

Those are the basics to get you playing online slots. The last step is more about being responsible while playing. Watch your bankroll as you play. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of an online slot and forget that it uses real money when you gamble.

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Understanding Online Slots

We have come a long way from pulling a lever and waiting for three of the same fruit to line up for us to win. The popularity of slot machines and especially online slots have led to online casinos and software developers looking for ways to improve the game. Developers have added themes to make it more attractive and exciting.

The online slots we see today have been changed drastically and the most important features and symbols are the Multipliers, Scatters and Wilds. If you do your research, know what they are and how they work, then these are the best allies when spinning the reels at an online casino.

What Are Wilds?
What are Scatters?
What are Multipliers?


The name of these symbols is derived from the phrase “wild Card”. In gambling, the wild card is used to act as a different card. If you have cards that could make up a winning hand but you are missing one card, the wild card comes into play and becomes your missing card to complete the set.

So, in an online slot, the wild’s purpose is to substitute another symbol so that you actually achieve your winning combination of symbols. These symbols don’t pop up to ruin your game or to slow your momentum. They are there to help you and hopefully maximize your chances of winning more and more often.

When it comes to more complicated online slots, the wilds will have their basic functionality as explained above but might trigger other features of the game. Wilds could lead to expanding real and additional games that give you a bonus opportunity to win even more. However you encounter the wild in the game of your choice, it is a positive thing and adds even more excitement to games that are the most simple to play at any online casinos.


The explanation is in the name because they are scattered across the reels when they do appear while you are playing. This means that you could still win something extra even if they do not appear in one of your selected paylines.

Most of the time, when scatter symbols appear they unlock various features of the game. It could signify free spins, additional coins, a multiplier, bonus rounds or even a bonus game. In most cases, to unlock the bonus game with scatters you would need a few on the reels or in a specific combination. This all depends on the rules of the game you have chosen.

Scatter symbols can land on any of your reels and offer something special and definitely adds to your gaming experience. Aside from more ways to win, scatters can also come with cash prizes to add to your bankroll.


A great way of winning relatively big from a small bet is the appearance of a multiplier. These symbols do as their name suggests, multiplies your initial bet, what you won on a specific payline or even your total win. So, when the reels stop and the round is completed, but you received a multiplier, any winning amount is multiplied by 2 or more.

On average, when you encounter these symbols it can offer a multiplying amount between 2 and 10. However, it all depends on the game you have chosen. Some online slots offer multipliers that go upwards of 1,000, 2,000 and in the rarest of cases offer to multiply your winnings or gameplay by 10,000. While they are more often found in bonus games, they are not completely absent from the main game. So, keep an eye out for them and see how they make your winnings grow.


Understanding Bonus Rounds

A key thing to remember is that online slots and the developers that make them are always looking for ways to surprise you and make things so much more exciting as often as they can. Along with new and exciting symbols, there are also additional levels to play or bonus rounds.
Bonus rounds can differ from game to game as each one is set up to offer a unique chance to win.

Some bonus rounds in online slots can offer different ways to play and win as well. Different goals in different games give you a way of making the most out of a bonus round. Some rewards include unlocking free spins, added coins or even a multiplier for your next win on the reels. Some online slots will offer goals to meet that will trigger the bonus round while others may just appear randomly on the reels.

Bonus rounds don’t always present an extra level but could open up as a completely different mini-game. With an added gaming experience during your base game. Adding just a little more excitement to this simple yet entertaining gaming option.

Tips For Maximizing Gameplay With Online Slots

While online slots are not that much different from the slot machines found at your local land-based casino, some differences make it possible to strategize even in the slightest way. With more features come more ways to play and win, which is what makes online slots more attractive, exciting and with more potential of winning bigger.

The potential of software development opens up slot games to the vast potential for change. While it still remains a slot game at its core, additional features have been added. These include bonus rounds, additional reels, more paylines as well as symbols like scatters, multipliers and wilds to kick the games up a notch. Here are a few trick and strategies to try out once you have familiarized yourself with the online slot of your choice:


Before Playing Check The Rules

Not all online slots are exactly the same. While the basic rules are relatively similar there may be special instructions for certain online slots. To take advantage of jackpots, bonuses or just participating in the game could mean that you need to fulfil the wagering requirements.


Practice Playing Free Games

When you do your research on the online slot you want to play, this needs to include playing the free version. If there is a free version available, take your time to test out the game to see how it works and if there are any specific rules you need to be aware of. You want to know all the unique features before placing bets with real money. Remember you don’t have to register an account with an online casino or deposit any cash to try an online slot for free.


Use Those Special Features

Check to see which special features are available with the online slot you want to play. This will help you win bigger and even faster. It also helps if you want to play a game while doing something else, by using the autoplay function. You may also have an opportunity to speed up the game you’re playing, for high-speed action.


Maximizing Payline Options

Modern online slots usually come with many more paylines than their traditional counterparts. What you want are more ways to win, with the minimum bet. So, choose as many paylines as possible with a low bet amount, so you still stand a higher chance of winning.

Slot Tournaments

So if you thought that playing slots was a solitary game, think again. Slot tournaments is another added advantage to playing online slots in Canada. In most cases, online casinos will have different tournaments for players to take part in and can be found on a dedicated tournament page or in the promotions section on the website.

So, take what you have learnt from our online slot guide and use it to get your piece of the action at an online slot tournament. These tournaments can be sponsored by a game provider where the same batch of games are featured at different online casinos for you to play and climb the leaderboard.

Make sure to check the tournament rules to find out how you can win and how you can maximize how much you win as well. Even if you don’t win the grand prize, you may qualify to land in the top 10 or top 20 to get something out of the tournament. These tournaments run for specific time periods, which could be weekly, monthly, seasonally or even daily. Daily races are usually the most common. Here are some tips to boost your winning potential for an online slot tournament:

  • If the option is available, use the max bet selection, given that the highest payout in a single spin usually places higher on a leaderboard.
  • Spin as often as you can or use the auto spin option to keep going until the tournament ends. Just remember to keep an eye on your bankroll.
  • As mentioned before, play and select as many of the paylines as possible for a better chance of winning something with each spin.


Are online slots the same as slot machines?
Yes, but online slots have more features and more ways to win. Even though the basic rules are still the same as the slot machines found at land-based casinos.
What are the paylines on online slots?
With online slots, there are various ways to win, instead of the standard row of matching symbols horizontally on a slot machine, online slots can be won diagonally as well. More complicated even allows you to win in a zig-zag payline. You can select the paylines you think you will win on after you spin the reels, before you start. You could also select to play with all the paylines.
How do I get a payout with online slots?
By lining up matching symbols. At least that’s the basic idea. Different symbols also have different values and a combination of different symbols in a particular order could also mean you get a payout. Additionally, depending on the number of reels, online slots could have 25, 50 or more paylines to win on to get a payout.
Are online slots fair?
Yes, audits are done on online slots that make sure that the Random Number Generator (RNG) is performing at its best making sure that the games are random. Ensuring that the player always has a chance of winning.
How do I know if an online slot has a higher chance of winning?
It’s simple. Check the RTP percentage. This is the Return To Player rate that calculates how much on average a game pays out to its players. The higher the RTP, the higher chance of you winning more frequently.
How do I win each time on an online slot?
Online slots and their RNG keeps the games completely random. So, there is no sure way to win each time unless luck is completely on your side each time you spin the reels.
Are online slots better than slot machines?
There are online slots that are exactly the same as slot machines you find at a land-based casino. However, there are so many more online slots to choose from and they are different in many ways. There are new features, symbols and bonuses to take advantage of.
Will I win more frequently playing slot machines at my local casino?
The simple answer is no. While land-based slot machines are also random, the mechanics work in a way that favours the house with a lower RTP. Land-based casinos have more costs to cover than online casinos, so the RTP is set lower to cover the operational costs of the location.
Do Wilds, Scatters and Multipliers add value to the game?
They certainly do. These newer features on online slots unlock bonuses and other cool features to get more out of the game.