Best Online Slot Casinos in Canada 2021

$500 Bonus
Payout Speed 2 days
Win Rate 98.56%
CA$ 500 Bonus
Payout Speed 1-2 days
Win Rate 96.68%
CA$ 450 Bonus
Payout Speed 1-3 Days
Win Rate 95.5%
CA$ 300 Bonus
Payout Speed 1-3 Days
Win Rate 72%
CA$ 500 Bonus
Payout Speed 1-3 Days
Win Rate 95.5%
$ 12,000 Bonus
Payout Speed 2 days
Win Rate 96.14%
CA$ 1100 Bonus
Payout Speed 1-2 days
Win Rate 98.75%
CA$ 1,000 Bonus
Payout Speed 2 days
Win Rate 97.46%
CA$ 1,600 Bonus
Payout Speed 1-2 days
Win Rate 97.89%
CA$1000 Bonus
Payout Speed 1-3 Days
Win Rate 96.5%

Free Play Mobile Slots Game

You can play our exclusive free game instantly, with no sign up or download needed.

Blacklisted Mobile Slots Casinos

While there are some great options for slot games out there, watch out for the less favorable online casinos as well. Some online casinos that have not passed our testing process have been placed on a blacklist to keep our players as safe as possible. Here are a few of the casinos that we recommend that you avoid playing at and the reasons why.

Cool Cat Casino

Cool Cat

Incorrect and misleading marketing relating to safety measures
Confusing wagering requirements
Inferior quality of games displayed
Planet 7

Planet 7

Customer complaints remain unresolved
Unprofessional customer service received
Stalled winnings being paid out
Grand Prive

Grand Prive

Consumer complaints ignored
Misleading claims to proper international licensing
Improper online casino practices in use

How We Review Online Slots and Slot Apps

Gaming Experience and Graphics

Players are often sceptical about moving any gaming experience to a smaller screen. So, we have tested all of our recommended games and apps to ensure that when you play them on a mobile device, you have the same or a better experience. These days, reputable online casinos and software providers are investing a lot of time and money in making the transition from desktop gaming to mobile gaming as seamless as possible and we bring the best of the best.

Compatibility on a Range of Devices

The overall user experience is very important when it comes to transitioning to mobile gaming. We test the games on a desktop version and compare the results to how it performs on different mobile devices. Additionally, we test these games and apps on various operating systems as well including Windows, iOS and Android. Furthermore, we also do a thorough check of all the features and security to see how it translates into the app or mobile version before making our recommendation.

Customer Service Response

With our guide on your side, you shouldn’t have any issues with the online casinos, games and apps we recommend. However, as part of our review process, we still ensure that a reliable and responsive customer support team is ready to assist you if there are any issues. Furthermore, we make sure that these customer service options are easily available from your mobile browser as they would be on your desktop browser as well as the slot app. Giving you all the support you need in case you need it.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The same need arises on a mobile app or the mobile version of an online casino when you choose to play with real money. While there are free gaming options to choose from, playing for real money is probably your goal. So, making sure that a variety of banking options, as well as ease of use of these options, are an important part of what we do. We test a range of banking options for withdrawal and depositing your funds.

Casino Apps Vs. Mobile Casino

There are two ways to enjoy games from an online casino on your smartphone or tablet. You either go to your mobile internet browser and visit the online casino or if the casino offers mobile software then you could download the app. Whichever option you choose, both come with pros and cons. While the positive aspects outweigh the negatives, it all depends on what you as the player finds more convenient and better for your gaming experience. Let’s have a look at these pros and cons in more details:

Casino Apps

No internet connection required when playing free games on the app as all the data is already loaded on to your device.
Customer support is conveniently accessible from inside the app and in most cases available 24/7 from wherever you are.
Potentially better graphics, smoother refresh rates and in some cases a more stable connection to real money games.
Requires storage space on your mobile device or need for things such as videos and photos.
Some time required to download the app as well as install it on the selected mobile device.

Mobile Casino

No time required for installation meaning near-instant access to your favourite games.
Your storage on your mobile device remains untouched as you access the casino through the web browser.
Available on a variety of mobile devices with different operating systems.
Some online casinos may not be fully-optimized to display the entire website in a mobile version.
An internet connection is required at all times which means that there is no option for playing offline.

The Best Mobile Slots in Canada

Many of the international online casinos in Canada offer their players a wide variety of slots. The overwhelming majority of these games have been fully optimized to function on your small screen. Even when it comes to classic games, the software has been updated to provide seamless gameplay on a mobile device. Here are some of the most noteworthy games that perform superbly on any mobile device. These recommendations come with free games and real-money gameplay. We will also tell you which software provider it comes from so it's easier to find at any online casino you choose to play at on your mobile device.

The Most Popular Types of Devices For Mobile Casinos and Apps

Mobile devices have become an important part of our lives. We use them to pay for things, contact those we love, capture memories, record our step goals and so much more. We can barely leave home without it, so taking your gaming experience with us is only natural. Whether you prefer a specific operating system or brand, you are sure to find an online casino that works for you and may even have a casino app for you to download. Games from the software provider NetEnt usually comes out on the top when it comes to mobile slots. Here are the two most popular operating systems used to play mobile slots today:

Slots for iOS

Apple is the leader in mobile device technology around the world and has many mobile devices ranging in size and capability. The software running on an Apple device is and always has been state-of-the-art. So, there is no doubt that any online casino has optimized its platform and games to run smoothly on an iPad or an iPhone. While the iPad does offer a bigger screen and better graphics, the iPhone is more convenient and honestly offers the same great experience on a smaller screen. Find the online casino that you love and we can guarantee you will have little to no issues playing any of the mobile slots directly from the device’s web browser.

Slots for Android

Another leading operating system that has gained its popularity because the software is known as an open-source technology. Device manufacturers do not pay for the software, but if they want to use the full version as is seen on Samsung, LG, Sony and previous generations of Huawei devices there are strict rules to follow. However, other devices such as the Kindle Fire, the latest Nokia devices and the newest generation of Huawei smartphones. These run on Android but it is a modified version with its own group of apps and other features. It can get really complicated.

Regardless of the pure and modified versions, players will find it easy to get the ultimate slot playing experience from any mobile browser installed on an Android device. Android devices allow for more freedom and more apps should be available in the Google Play Store or directly from the casino of your choice

Responsible Gaming on a Mobile Device

The rise and the current popularity of online casinos in Canada is a sight to behold. However, gambling responsibly where your device is concerned has always given people doubts about the safety and added effort there is when gambling on a mobile device. To be honest, nowadays it couldn’t be any simpler and to put you at ease our team of experts have put together a list of things to consider before and while you are playing mobile slots.

Secure Internet Connections

Use the same charging strategies you usually use to keep your mobile device charged. So, before you load the online casino in your browser or start gambling on your mobile casino app, make sure your battery is fully or reasonably charged. Otherwise, when you are on the go you may want to invest in a power bank that holds a charge for your device or keep your charger with you.

Access Trusted Websites Only

Keep your favourite and trusted online casinos in mind before leaving home and playing on the go. If you are going to try out a new online casino on your mobile device, then find out as much as you can before you engage. Reviews from us and other players will also help you determine if the online casino can be trusted.

Watch Your Data Usage

If you are unable to find a secure WiFi connection you will probably opt to play using your mobile data. If you are on a fixed data plan then you may run out if you plan on playing continuously throughout the day. You may also run up quite the bill if you pay for all the data that you use. It is manageable but you need to monitor your usage at all times. A secure WiFi connection is the best option to enjoy hours of fun.

Charging Your Device

Use the same charging strategies you usually use to keep your mobile device charged. So, before you load the online casino in your browser or start gambling on your mobile casino app, make sure your battery is fully or reasonably charged. Otherwise, when you are on the go you may want to invest in a power bank that holds a charge for your device or keep your charger with you.

Real Money Mobile Slots Vs. Free Mobile Slots

As you may know by now, many online casinos offer Canadian players the opportunity to play mobile slots for free or for real money. There are no major differences between the two when it comes to gameplay except for winning real money at the one. Each type still comes with its own benefits. Let’s have a look at how you can benefit from either.

Free Mobile Slot Games

There are no downloads required and you won’t even have to sign up to an online casino to enjoy one of their free games.
You are given play-money to spin the reels so you can enjoy endless fun without having to worry about your bankroll or depositing additional funds to keep going.
Free mobile slots allow you to practice and familiarize yourself with a game before betting with your own money.

Real Money Mobile Slot Games

A lot more excitement is experienced when playing for real-money stakes and winning is so much sweeter.
In most cases, deposits can come with great bonuses and tie in with great promotions to give you more bang for your buck.
Many more gaming options and versions of free games can be unlocked after you sign up and play for real money.


Can I choose between playing for free and real money on my mobile device?
Yes! That is completely up to you and the range of free and real-money slots available in Canada is amazing. Available on an array of mobile devices.
Should I play slots using my mobile web browser or download the casino app?
This is our choice as the player. The options are available and each has its advantages, there is no right or wrong choice here.
Will I miss out on my welcome bonus if I play on my mobile device?
Not at all. All offers and bonuses offered on the desktop version of the online casino will be available to you on the mobile device of your choosing. The online casino may even offer you a special offer if you download their app.
Will my deposit options be limited on a mobile device?
No. All banking options that are available at the online casino, can be accessed through the mobile version as well, whether you choose to download the app or direct access through the mobile browser.
Can I find free mobile slot games on my Android Device?
Yes! Android is one of the leading operating systems in the world and any good online casino would have optimized free and real-money games to function smoothly on an Android device.
Can I participate in a slot tournament at a mobile casino?
Yes! You will never miss out. Games that are part of a slot tournament will be available through your mobile web browser or on the casino’s app.
Can I still play and win real money prizes at a mobile casino?
Of course! Nothing changes when it comes to real money winnings at an online casino when you opt to use the mobile version. Same benefits, same winning potential.