How to Play Online Blackjack Switch & Best Strategies

It is not a common game you would find at your local casino. However, many online casinos offer this version of blackjack that was created and patented in 2009. While the game is based on the basic version of blackjack, it does have some key differences that set it apart. These differences make it possible for players to win bigger than when they play the standard version of blackjack. It achieves that by playing with two hands dealt instead of one. Additionally, players are allowed to switch the top two cards between hands being dealt.

Our expert team has looked into finding the best strategies, tips and tricks for online Blackjack Switch. Our guide will show you the basics of how to play and some of the strategies that exist that can help you along your gaming journey at an online casino in Canada.

  • Practice playing a different kind of blackjack with no financial risk
  • Blackjack Switch offers players more ways of winning big
  • Blackjack switch is a diverse game that even has elements of Pai Gow
  • Practice the strategies you learn for Blackjack switch in free games
  • Side bets can offer great rewards and practice for free gives you a chance to test them out beforehand

Blackjack Switch: How to Play

Before jumping into this variant, it's important to take some time and practice playing a free version and also getting accustomed to the original version of blackjack. Knowing the basics can go a long way when trying a new variant. It could also be an interesting journey to find out how the games differ and what you would prefer to play. Here are the steps as to how the blackjack switch usually goes at an online casino.

Step 1

Dealing the Cards

Once you have found the online casino you prefer, find a Blackjack Switch table you would like to play at and you will be dealt two pairs of cards while the dealer will receive one pair. Check your hands and get as close to 21 as possible.

Making Your Wager
Step 2

Deciding What’s Next

Here is where things get a bit different. You would usually just decide on whether you would like to double your bet, split your hand if you can and want to, take no additional cards and stand or take a hit by taking an additional card. However, before any of the usual decisions, you can switch cards to create two brand new pairs and then decide how to move forward.

Blackjack Hit Cards
Be Ready to Stand
Step 3

Finalize Your Hand

After you have made your decision and done your switch if need be, then the next step is to start closing off the round by hitting or standing and seeing if you are a winner.

Finalize Your Hand
Step 4

Now For The Dealer

There is still a chance the dealer can push your hands with a total of 22, but the dealer will have to hit a soft 17. Here is where the dealer reveals those cards and compares them to your hands.

Blackjack Switch’s Special Rules

While most of the rules are the same when it comes to Blackjack Switch there are a few differences to keep in mind as you try out this variant. If you know your basic rules you won’t get lost in the gameplay. Here are a few of the minor deviations from traditional blackjack that you will find in Blackjack Switch:

Getting blackjack will see a payout of 1 to 1 as opposed to the 3 to 2 in the traditional game.
It only counts as a total of 21 when you decide to switch to generate blackjack.
After splitting you will still be able to double down.
When the dealer has a hand of 22, it pushes your hand of 21, but a clean blackjack will reign supreme.
When an Ace or a 10 is shown facing upward, the dealer will check the card facing down.
A payout of 2 to 1 is available with an insurance bet.
In most games, the dealer will hit a soft 17.

Get Your Free Reference Charts for Blackjack Surrender

While many of the blackjack variants out there have minor differences that don’t really steer away from the traditional game, Blackjack Switch makes it a bit more interesting. Blackjack Switch really switches up the game to bring a more diverse gaming experience and gives you more to work with.

Even with its differences, some blackjack strategies can still be used when tweaked in the right way. Always keep in mind how you have played before when trying out Blackjack Switch. A good way to keep track and hone your skill is to play free games and have a look at the guides we provide.

Hard Totals

Hard Totals

A hand that is not flexible can be difficult to play with, but here’s a guide to help you find the best way to do so.

Soft Totals

Soft Totals

The Ace is flexible and can be used in many ways, keep track of how with this guide.

Splitting Pairs

Splitting Pairs

Learn more about when to keep your hand as it is, or split your pair when the time is right.

Comparison of Blackjack Switch to Other Versions

There are many options to play blackjack with a live dealer but not so much with Blackjack Switch. The variant offers the player an extremely low house edge which means that players stand a better chance of winning. No wonder the game is not often available in live casinos, but the stand-alone game is extremely popular as it also adds a bit more fun to a game that has been a part of gambling for many years. Here is a look at the key comparisons.

Blackjack Variants Player Win (payout) Player Blackjack (payout) Live Dealer Mobile RTP
Switch 1/1 1/1 Yes No 99.87%
Surrender 3/2 1/1 Yes No 99.65%
Atlantic City 3/2 1/1 Yes Yes 99.6%
European 3/2 1/1 Yes Yes 99.6%
Perfect 3/2 1/1 Yes No 99.58%

What Sets Blackjack Surrender Apart From the Traditional Game?

It is a different take on the standard game of blackjack. By adding in the option of players being able to switch cards between hands to increase their chances of winning. Blackjack and its rules are well-known in the gaming community and Blackjack Switch is seen to offer players a chance of winning more often and in an interesting and fun way. More wins mean more popularity for any casino game out there and Blackjack Switch is certainly a player’s choice.

Different Variants of Blackjack

Perfect Blackjack

Perfect Blackjack

This variant comes with many side bet options as well as the potential for high payouts and allows you to take advantage of wagers across several hands.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack

In this version of the game, the dealer won’t be able to check their hole card to build a better hand. However, this variant is said to come with higher risk but also better and higher rewards.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack

A favourable to player version of Blackjack with a house edge lower than the usual and a relatively high RTP, from the popular casino industry of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Blackjack Surrender

Blackjack Surrender

In this game, if you feel as though you might lose to the dealer, you are able to place a surrender bet that gives you back 50% of your wager and lets you move on to the next hand.

Blackjack Switch on Mobile

Blackjack Switch on MobileBlackjack Switch and its popularity have obviously been boosted by many more players looking for a fun variant of blackjack to play on their mobile devices. The game translates well on to a smartphone or tablet and offers players a full experience wherever they go. The game interface is easy on the eye, with easy access to all the controls and information needed. There Is usually a section that has a Super Match side bet option that players could do without. It just gets in the way of the game and is something not used often.

As the popularity of mobile gaming rises to new heights, online casinos and software developers have made sure that Blackjack Switch is optimized to play through an online casino’s mobile app or directly from the browser of your Android device, iPhone or iPad. Any reputable online casino that wants to have a future has to make sure it brings the full experience to mobile devices. Blackjack Switch and other variants are available from most of the online casinos in Canada. Take Blackjack Switch wherever you go and get your two sets of cards ready to bring you a win.

Useful Tips for Blackjack Switch

We do have some more advice for you to ensure that you are equipped when you play Blackjack Surrender. The way you play blackjack will need to have subtle changes to make the most of the strategies you want to apply during your games. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you start or want to try playing Blackjack Surrender:

Super Match Side Bets and Insurance Bets Discouraged

There is a higher house edge that comes with the Super Match side bet as it needs to cover its bases. These bases are the high payouts that come with it but do not happen often. The same goes for Insurance bets with its payout of 2 to 1. It’s better to play the game rather than hope one of these pans out for you in the end.

Blackjack Switch

Switch As Many Times As Possible

The freedom of using the switch option is a value-added offering. So, use it. You will have the opportunity to switch cards many times before you decide to stand or hit.

Watch Your Bankroll

Watch Your Bankroll

It's important to note that when you play Blackjack Switch you are betting on 2 pairs of cards instead of one. Given the RTP of the game, you could find yourself betting higher and more often as you stand a higher chance of winning in this variant.

Remember The Minor Changes

Remember The Minor Changes

The push is one of the things that may catch you off guard. The dealer may have 22, but this pushes your hand in the end. Another thing that makes it different and should be kept in mind, is that blackjack only pays out 1 to 1, given the other benefits the game has for you as the player.

Additional Online Blackjack Resources

Counting Cards

Counting Cards

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