Finding Local Canadian Casinos

Here at CasinoTop, we know that choosing the best gaming venue can be hard, especially when you live in Canada! This is because there are so many great land-based and online casinos to choose from that the search to find the very best one can seem impossible but we don’t believe that our readers should just settle for just one. In this guide you will find the best land-based both near you and in other provinces for players with wanderlust and an urge to indulge in their favourite casino games.

Regardless of whether you’re an avid slot player, a traditional table games lover or someone who enjoys something a bit more unique, there are bound to be a many exciting options waiting for you at the venues listed below. With that said, keep reading to get our expert take on:

The best land-based casinos in Canada
The gambling scene in different provinces
Expertly researched answers to your frequently asked questions

In addition to great gaming experiences, the venues that our expert team recommends below offer a plethora of other amenities such as fine dining experiences, relaxing spas, 5-star accommodation and everything you will need to have a fun and stress-free visit. We believe that a gaming venue should cater to every need and be a one-stop-shop for guests and this is why CasinoTop has become a trusted gambling industry voice since 1998.

Land-based Casinos in Canada

While Canadian players are exposed to many great online gambling options, land-based casinos provide an experience that is impossible to replicate. Canada allows gambling in many different forms and at a variety of venues. Avid gamblers can enjoy their favorite games at casinos, sports betting parlors and horse racing tracks. The largest Canadian state in Ontario is home to an impressive total of 71 land-based gambling venues.

However, the largest city for gambling in the country is Edmonton which boasts 15 top-tier land-based gambling facilities.

Interestingly enough, the largest casino is based in neither of these provinces and the largest gaming venue, Casino Montreal, can be found in Quebec province. The rapid growth and widespread popularity of gambling in the country is worth noting especially since Canada’s traditional casinos have been attracting players since the first brick-and-mortar establishment was constructed in Winnipeg in 1989. The second land-based casino opened its doors in Montreal in 1993. These two venues have paved the way for the extraordinary casinos listed below according to province:

The minimum legal age to enter a casino in Canada is 19

Casino by Region in Canada

Canada is well-known all over the world for it’s unique and lenient approach to gambling, as outlined by the Canadian Criminal Code. This piece of legislation has made it possible for each provinces’ government to determine whether gambling activities would be allowed or not. As such, not all regions have the same laws, rules and regulations in place. Here at CasinoTop, we strive to bring you condensed and comprehensive information that will make your experience a breeze. Below you will find a list of all the provinces that allow gambling activities, which games are allowed and who is allowed to play so you can plan your trip accordingly.

quebec icon


Quebec is considered to be one of the most unusual provinces in the country. It is the second-most populated province and is home to around 8,3 million citizens of all races, religions and creeds. The province is known as a bilingual one but French is the official language of the region.

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Vancouver is not a province but rather a popular city in British Columbia. Vancouver is the largest city in B.C. and is home to over 2.5 million people, making it one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. The city is known for both its beauty and budding film industry. The scenic views and natural beauty in the city are enjoyed by all. Gamblers in the city find relaxation by visiting one of the three land-based casinos in Vancouver or by opting to play their favorite games online.

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The city is a modern marvel with a beautiful skyline located on the banks of Lake Ontario. Gamblers in the city enjoy a whole host of online casino gaming given that there aren’t any land-based casinos found here

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A city located in Ontario, that finds the best balance between the past and present. However, there are no land-based casinos in the region but players in the city have a plethora of online casinos to choose from.

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This Canadian province could be seen as the gaming capital of Canada. It is home to more casinos than any other province. Residents and visitors will have the best casino experiences to choose from, whether it is simple and game-focused or luxurious, there is something to be found for anyone visiting Ontario.

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The largest casino in the country, les Montréalais or Casino de Montréal, is located in this city. The city offers gamblers a unique gaming experience and is one of the most bustling and beautiful cities in Canada.

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The city commonly known as Cowtown, is located in Alberta and has great casinos with amazing amenities for all its guests. Six casinos reside in Calgary offering players in the city a thrilling gambling experience as well a warm and comfortable indoor environment.

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British Columbia

There are sights to see in British Columbia as well as a host of indoor attractions as well. The province also hosts some of the best land-based casinos in the country.

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Residents and visitors in Alberta have a lot of options to choose from. The province is home to some of the oldest casinos in Canada and offers players an experience they are not soon to forget.

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FAQs for Local Casinos in Canada

We get a lot of questions from players about playing at online casinos. Our comprehensive and functional FAQ section will give you answers to many of your most pressing questions - here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Should I stay at the casino’s hotel?

Many casinos in Canada have hotel amenities that are great to take advantage of. In many cases, there is even a chance that you could get a free room or a room at a reduced price. Canadian casinos pride themselves on excellent customer service so if a casino host is tracking your play then you might find that there is something more waiting for you. A great rest after enjoying some of the best casino games the country has to offer.

What should I look for when choosing a land-based casino?

Your comfort should be the top priority. Unless you are planning a trip, you should be choosing a local casino that offers you comfort and safety above all else. Before heading over, check the casino’s website to see what amenities are on offer to make the best of your gaming experience. Choose what suits your needs and find out if there are any hotels, restaurants or other forms of entertainment. If all you are looking for is gaming, then look out for the casinos close to you that have a high number of casino game offerings.

Are Canadian land-based casinos safe?

Yes! Land-based casinos in Canada are among the safest gambling facilities in the world. The customer service is amazing and casino hosts and hostesses are happy to help with any issues you do have. Additionally, when it comes to fairness, these land-based casinos are regulated by the province to ensure that the games offered are of the best quality and leave the player with a fair chance of winning. Each Canadian province has its own regulatory board that oversees the industry and ensures that all licensees are up to code.

How do I get comps at a land-based casino?

By showing your commitment to gaming. There are many programs to choose from at most of the casinos in Canada. Getting a player’s card is like entering a loyalty program that shows how much you have played at the casino, which can be tracked and you can be rewarded for your loyalty. In other cases, if you are playing high stakes and winning big, casino hosts tend to track what you are playing and how much you are winning. Hosts often offer guests such as these complimentary hotel rooms, vouchers or bonuses for playing at the casino.

How much can I win at a land-based casino?

Each location will have its own rules and regulations, however, generally speaking, there is no cap on how much you can win at a land-based casino. It all depends on the player, how much you are willing to bet and if luck is on your side. Play carefully and remember not to chase your losses. Players are in control of how they bet, but not in control of how luck will play out against the odds.

Can I still play at an online casino in Canada?

Yes, there is still a huge variety of online casinos available from anywhere in Canada. If you do not find what you are looking for at a land-based casino then expanding to your options online is a smart way to get your thrills.

Canadian Gambling Resources

While CasinoTop has been providing information to the gambling masses since 1998, we understand that there are times when our readers will want to conduct their own research. However, to ensure that the information our players access is correct and true, we have provided two invaluable resources to check out:

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