The Effects of Weather on NFL Betting

NFL betting is extremely popular and the league is a much-anticipated event for both NFL fans and bettors. Once the lineups have been set and the preseason games have been played, it’s time to check how your favourite NFL teams will stack up. If you’re an avid fan, you’re aware that your team needs your unwavering support, especially when bad weather strikes. Most of the stadiums that NFL games are played at were built before retractable and domed roofs were considered. This means that game-time conditions and temperatures can have some effect on how well your team plays and the outcome. Below, we will be taking a look at NFL bets and how weather-related conditions can change the odds.

High Temperatures

The NFL is considered to be a prime sport to play during cold weather. The expectation is that fans will tune in every Sunday of the season to see teams butting heads under icy conditions that often feature a blanket of snow. However, the recent expansion of the length in NFL seasons during winter has resulted in an increase of NFL games being played in warmer weather. This is partly due to the season starting earlier in September as well as the increase in the number of city stadiums in states with warmer climates. NFL teams such as the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and House Texas are some of the latest additions to the league that have caused a significant spike in average NFL game temperatures.

The Coldest Games in NFL History

Despite the fact that football is a winter sporting code, drastic drops in temperature can be significant to the performance of teams. Icy weather conditions can make it challenging, and even impossible, to execute plays while the cold temperatures can feel positively joint-stiffening. A large number of the stadiums that host NFL games don’t have domed roofs and leave players vulnerable to these intense weather conditions, ensuring that fans and players alike are exposed to Mother Nature’s tough love.

If you’re wondering how cold it can get during the NFL season, you won’t have to look further than a game that took place in the late 1960s. The 1960 NFL season championship game was played between the Cowboys and the Packers and fans recall seeing the “Ice Bowl.” Temperatures plummeted to -13 degrees with a -48 low windchill. At these extreme temperatures, normal gameplay was all but impossible. Professional players experienced a significant number of turnovers and loss of footing. At this point, strategies were cast aside and the game was described as a fumbling event.


The ten coldest games in the NFL’s history were all played in single-digit temperatures and, in some cases, sub-zero conditions. On the other hand, the hottest game recorded took place in 2003 between the Green Bay Packers and the Arizona Cardinals, with a game-day temperature of 102 degrees. Both of these extremes can wreak havoc on the strategies and plays that the team planned as the players struggle to perform their best with abnormal weather conditions on the field.

Fan Support

If you’ve ever been curious about the fan attendance for games played in harsh conditions, look no further. The tool below will allow you to choose the teams that have played in exposed stadiums between 2009 and 2013. The tool will then recall how many fans attended these games.

[attendance tool]

Generally speaking, freezing weather usually prompts many social butterflies to stay indoors. However, football people are extremely passionate and are willing to brave the coldest of weather to show their team support. This can be seen with the attendance tool above that tells you how many people donned their thickest coats to watch icy games. Home to both the Jets and the Giants, MetLife Stadium has seen the largest number of fans for extremely cold days.

Icy Wins

Normal conditions from team to team will vary based on the climates of the regions that they reside in. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the winning percentage for teams that hail from colder regions is a bit higher when the weather drops. The Packers have the best record for cold weather wins in the NFL by a large margin.

Freezing Points

NFL players have trained long and hard to take the championship title each season and the presence of chilly air doesn’t necessarily get in the way of that. There are a handful of teams, such as the Browns, Cardinals and Ravens, who still bring the heat to the field even when the temperature drops. The teams that we’ve listed above have all achieved a 26 point average when weather conditions get frosty.

Below Freezing Turnovers

If you’re looking for an advantage with your fantasy league gaming this year, it might be time to consider how the weather affects your lineup. Above we’ve shared a list of the teams that committed a large number of turnovers on low-temperature game days.

Windy Wins

Temperature aside, the weather is made up of many different aspects and the win is one of them. Windy conditions can make scoring field goals and passing players far more challenging. Games that are played in stadiums in the North usually see the worst of this, with teams like the Giants, Patriots and Jets experiencing the worst of the wind and rising above it.

Yards Gone with the Wind

While playing in windy conditions does present a few challenges, there are some teams that have managed to maintain their players and strategy to overcome the weather conditions. This has resulted in these teams collecting many yards. Interestingly enough, data has revealed that there is a positive relationship between yards and wind speed during NFL games.

Turf Wars

The stadiums that host NFL games are all large and beautiful but from a players’ perspective, they are not all created equally when it comes to the turf. There is currently no turf standard for the NFL and teams are allowed to choose between synthetic turfs, real grass or a mixture of both. This decision can make or break the game for the team depending on what they are comfortable with and used to. In most cases, teams perform better on turf that is similar or identical to the turf that’s in its home stadium.

Temperature Drops

While most people use cold weather and unpleasant conditions as an excuse to stay indoors, this is not the case for avid fans of the NFL. These individuals have shown to have a deep loyalty that becomes more prominent the colder the weather gets. Teams feed off of this energy and excitement, drawing on the fans’ support to see them through the toughest situations.


We made use of NFL meta results and stats that were pulled from professional football sites to provide the information and tools above. We analyzed these results and compared them to our criteria of weather conditions, field types and stadiums for all NFL games since the 60s.

An Overview of the NFL Draft

The National Football League is one of the most prestigious and elite professional sports leagues in the US. To ensure that all the teams in the league are afforded the chance to make it to the top and to stay in the league, the NFL draft was created. The draft happens every year and players are selected in reverse order of their placement in the previous year’s football season. Even though a team is struggling, each year they have an opportunity to replenish their ranks to add more vigour to their team in preparation for the next NFL season. The drafting process is thorough and even players who are considered the best of the best sometimes don’t cut.

Our team at CasinoTop have done their best to bring you as much information about the NFL draft. That ensures that when you see it happen the next time, you know what teams are looking for when building their ranks for the next season. When looking back, there are decades of data from previous NFL drafts to draw on. The data can be used to determine the draft value of players based on their careers. We can also see how the players performed based on their position in the draft.

For example, when analyzing the data we found that one of the lowest value picks in the draft ever. When drafting players, teams never really know their potential and usually hope for the best. In 1998, Ryan Leaf was drafted for the Chargers and he was the No. 2 pick overall. It turned out that Leaf underperformed and did not meet expectations in 1998 and even missed the following year’s season due to an injury. In 2001, Leaf dropped out of the NFL and eventually found himself in trouble with the law, ending up in prison.

On the other hand, when it came to the 2000 NFL draft, the Patriots found a player that would go on to work wonders and he held the 199th position overall. It was during this NFL draft that Tom Brady became the overall pick. Brady is well-known for being a late-round quarterback and earned his keep on the team on the front line. With Brady on the team, the Patriots went on to have appearances in the Super Bowl six times which included four wins along with MVP honours three times.

There is a key difference between draft position and draft value and the examples above prove that. Instances like these have led our team to find out more about how well teams and players have weighed their options and made their choices. The data that was analyzed included information going as far back as the first-ever NFL draft in 1960.

The Value of a Draft Pick

[Image of Career Value of All Drafted NFL Players]

The graph above illustrates how difficult it is to forecast future performance. Elite players are almost exclusively selected in the first few rounds, creating a strong incentive among teams to obtain a draft position early. However, for every truly excellent player who makes it to the early rounds, there are a slew of others who never come through. For a franchise that is already failing to compete in the league, drafting a first-round failure is a major setback.

On the other hand, drafting future Hall of Famers is usually profitable. Outliers who are far above and to the right of the group are frequently where the biggest victories are found. Chris Hanburger, who was drafted 245th overall in 1965 and led his club to a Super Bowl trip in 1972, is the most recent overall draft pick to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Tom Brady, as well as Zach Thomas, Harold Jackson, and Stan White, are among the other renowned names on the list. Each of these players put in a performance that was far above average for his draft position.

Best Teams Based on Position

[Image of Best Teams by Position]

The teams that go into the NFL draft don’t all perform at the same level. This is especially true when it comes down to the wire and the best players are chosen for key positions. Through our research, we found that the following teams managed to get some of the top draft values since the first NFL draft. Here are some of the highlights:

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 7

Best Positions by Team

[Image Showing the Best Positions by Team]

In some positions, overachievers are easier to locate than in others. For many teams, the offensive and defensive lines, as well as the quarterback position, produce the best outcomes. The Raiders are unique in that they are the only team with the most valued special teams and receiving draft picks (Los Angeles and Oakland). The Raiders have not drafted any of their other star quarterbacks except Ken Stabler.

Positions Deemed Most Valuable

[Image Displaying the Overall Most Valuable Positions]

Before the start of the draft process, teams have the option to inspect the draft roster. This helps companies to predict which players will be available when it's their turn to pick and develop a drafting plan. What should teams do if they have multiple essential roles to fill and only have two or three high-ranking individuals to pick from? The quarterback position has always been filled first, followed by the offensive and defensive lines. We also found that the worst picks are fullbacks and tight ends, who return less than half the value of many other positions.

College Programs Adding the Most Value

[Image Displaying College Programs Producing the Best Valued Players]

Thousands of collegiate football players compete each year in the NCAA to represent their school. A lucky few's efforts are good enough to attract the attention of NFL scouts, which can lead to a career in the NFL. Since college teams are the primary source for new talent, it's important looking into which schools produce the finest pros.

The schools on this list are well-known to most NFL fans. Their alumni can be found on all of the league's teams. The Seminoles, Gators, and Hurricanes (all from Florida) claim first place in terms of quantity. Boston College is the best in terms of quality, with an average NFL career value that is roughly 30% more than the league average.

Value in the First Round

[Image Displaying Average Value of Picks in the First Round]

Each round of the NFL draft currently has 32 players taken on, one for each franchise. Is a team's draft order that important when there are so many talented athletes available in the first round? In a word, yeah. According to the research, clubs negotiating draft positions offer roughly the same value to picks 12-20 and exponentially higher or lower prices to picks near the start or conclusion of the round.

Average Value of a player Per Team

[Image Presenting Average Value of a Player Per Team]

On average, a player will only start for the team that drafted them for 1.4 years. As a result, it's critical to draft with precision year after year. This concept results in a consistent stream of high-quality rookies who can serve key positions for their teams and, hopefully, develop into all-stars that stay with the team for a long time. Nobody does it better than the Cowboys, Dolphins and Vikings when it comes to consistency. The Redskins are at the bottom of the list, holding the record for the worst draft quality of all time.

Draft Value in 2014

[Image Displaying Draft Value in 2014]

It was interesting to look at the 2014 NFL draft and see what type of value the newcomers brought to their new teams. The Cowboys' Zack Martin was the most valuable draft pick of the year, followed by the Ravens' C.J. Mosley. Corey Linsley of the Packers and Zach Fulton of the Chiefs both had outstanding seasons as late-round picks.

However, not all of the teams did so well. The Texans' No. 1 overall pick, Jadeveon Clowney, is out for the season, while the Lions' No. 10 pick, Eric Ebron, has missed numerous games due to hamstring ailments. After exchanging two first-round picks to get Cody Latimer late in the second round, the Broncos' draft value plummeted after Latimer underperformed expectations in 2014.

The Value of the Annual NFL Draft

For die-hard NFL fans, the draft is something to look forward to with bated breath. It's not only about clubs selecting one of the year's biggest names; such decisions are self-evident. Fans and teams will find the top players vying for slots behind the scenes. The unexpected picks that prove themselves above all else are the diamonds in the rough. Fans will be left with the hope that one of their team's new rookies will blossom into something exceptional once the dust has settled and the pundits have all gone home. The NFL draft is a once-in-a-lifetime event because of the possibility for stars to emerge from the most unexpected of picks.


Since 1960, we've compiled draft data for every NFL draft. We looked at every pick, position, and team in the NFL since 1960 using approximate player and career values by the franchise. Multiple characteristics were taken into account, and each player's finest season was weighted somewhat more than the others. Because many accomplishments and attempts never made it to the stat sheet, the approximate value is not an end-all-be-all score for the greatest players in history. For more information, go here.


Fair Use Statement

The use of the information on this page is free to publish and distribute as you see fit, for noncommercial use. The only request our team at CasinoTop have is that you link back to this page for the authors and contributors to be rightly credited for their work.

How Female Sports Fans View the Game

In the past, sports were always dominated by a male presence. However, times are changing and the face of sports is changing along with it. More and more women have become interested in watching and playing sports and have even pushed the boundaries to become owners of professional sports leagues around the world.

Our team at CasinoTop were interested to find out what sports women enjoy watching and if they are treated with respect in the fanbase. We also wanted to find out just how big the female fanbase was. To do that, our team set out to survey 1,000 female sports fans to bring you the data to answer any questions you may have.

Fan Favourites

There has been an uptick in women in the sports industry taking the reins in sports leagues. In 2019, singer and rapper Ciara announced that she became the part-owner of the soccer team, the Seattle Sounders. While there aren’t many, there are some notable sports team owners. These include Norma Hunt with the Kansas City Chiefs, Jeanie Buss with the Los Angeles Lakers, Renee Montgomery with the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream and Virginia Halas McCaskey with the Chicago Bears to name a few.

When looking into the favourite players and teams from a female fan’s perspective, here is what we found.

[Image of Statistics from Survey]

While not the most popular, Major League Soccer (MLS) has shown some growth in recent years. The other statistics show that about 10% of female fans supported hockey, a good 17.8% were fans of the NBA and while one in five women supported the MLB. The greatest support of a major league sport was the NFL of which had the support of 52% of the women surveyed. According to news reports, there has also been major female investment in the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) with names such as Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, Abby Wambach, Jennifer Garner and more showing keen interest in investing in the league.

A study from 2019, showed that the FIFA Women’s World Cup, broke records when it came to the numbers in viewership. However, the latest study showed that around 12% of female fans are dedicated to following women’s sports leagues. As shown in the results, the top five favourite players were all male athletes, for now.

Female Sports Fans’ Experience with Harassment

While playing on the field or the court is exciting, serious and as intense for female players as it is for male players, there are times when female fans have experienced harassment while trying to enjoy a game. The results show that about 23% of our female sports fan base have been harassed at varying sports events. Harassment occurring at a football event was shown to be more likely to occur than any other major sports league.

[Statistics for Female Fans Harassed at Sporting Events]

Harassment in our study was defined by any offending or threatening behaviour female fans have experienced at sporting events. When it came to fans of the NBA, 58% of females reported hearing sexist remarks. However, at MLB events, female fans reported hearing disrespecting and offensive remarks more than other manners of undesired behaviour and this came in at 78.4% of female fans.

Breaking these numbers down even further, showed that at stadiums while trying to enjoy the game, female fans (68.2%) were subjected to harassment more than they experienced at bars (59.2%), while 34.3% of women have also reported harassment on social media platforms. Fans of the NFL reported that the social harassment figure on social media came up to 36% while the figure came in at 81.4% of women supporting the MLB have had to deal with unwanted attention and conduct at stadiums.

Respect for Female Sports Fans

Many factors lead to the makings of a sports fan and one of the most important factors is respect. Sports fans are also known to follow specific sports for their home team pride, honour, sports betting and more. Our survey included questions about respect as well as game and team knowledge. The findings also showed that about 20% of the women in the survey reported that they have been called “fake fans” at one point or another.

[Image of Statistics Around Respect, Team and Game Knowledge]

The results showed that 70% of the women were able to name their favourite sports players from any league. Additionally, 57.4% of female fans were able to identify their favourite players’ positions and 54.9% of women could provide the players’ season stats. It was also found that 37.7% of the NHL female fans were most likely to be quizzed on their knowledge related to the teams they support. Similarly, 40.4% of female fans of the MLB were likely to be questioned on how well they understood the game.

Female fans at Sporting Events

It is well-known that the sports industry around the world is a male-dominated one and has been this way for the longest time. This study has shown some interesting results, but all over the world more and more women are upfront about how much they enjoy watching sports. These female fans engage in the sports they love with great passion and just like any other supporter, engage in sports on social media, at bars and live at the stadium in the stands. Even though there has been progress and more inclusion of women in sports culture, the evidence shows that female fans are more likely to cheer for their teams and players from home.

The fear of harassment at a stadium or bar is still evident and that’s why a safer space will likely be the preferred choice. There are so many female fans and the number grows with time. The major leagues’ inclusion of women has grown over the past few years and will continue to grow. So, there is definitely a need for safer spaces for female fans to comfortably enjoy the sports they love.


This survey consisted of subjects or respondents aged between 23 and 60. The average age of all respondents was calculated to be 37 with a standard deviation of 10. Outliers were removed for open-ended questions to receive definitive answers. The respondents were also required to correctly answer a question which was for an attention check, to ensure that the survey was taken seriously.

Overall, there were about 1,000 female fans surveyed who supported at least one of the four US major league sports. Namely, NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB. The questions the respondents needed to answer in the survey were required to do so based on their personal experiences.


The data that was extrapolated was based on self-reporting by the subjects of the survey and are exploratory. When analyzing results from a survey based on self-reported responses, the issues include but are not limited to bias, attribution, selective memory and telescoping. All values included in the study are based solely on estimation.

Fair Use Statement

The survey on how female sports fans are treated during sports events and how they perceive different sports was done to find out about their experiences. The CasinoTop team wants to ensure that everyone is made aware of the concerning issues that can be addressed for everyone to comfortably enjoy the game of their choice. Feel free to share any of the collected data and graphics to better the future experiences for female sports fans.