Play Video Poker for Free (Without Sign-Up)

Enjoy your favorite video poker games at CasinoTop without having to sign up, download or register. If this is your first time playing, keep reading for tips on how to play and the different free poker variants to expect.

Free video poker is perfect if you want to learn how to play and become an expert in the game. Once you’ve got the basics down you are ready to try your hand at real money games – the best of which can be found at our top online casinos.

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Reasons To Play Free Video Poker

Over 80 video poker games that require no deposit or sign up
Offers all popular poker variations
Playing for free helps perfect your strategy

At CasinoTop you’ll find the most exciting selection of online video poker variants. Since you’re not betting real money, you can take it slow and play as much as you like.

Playing Online Video Poker for Money Vs. For Free

If you are in it for the fun, then free games are perfect. Free poker is very popular because it requires no deposit, sign-up, or registration. But if you’re in it for the thrill of winning some real cash, make sure you know what you’re letting yourself in for.

Free Video Poker
Instant play that requires no sign up – skip the download and play via your browser (like most online video poker games, ours are click-to-play)
Play endless games without making a deposit
Best suited for players who want to practice strategy and better understand video poker odds
No bonuses or cash prizes up for grabs
Since some poker variants are exclusive to paying payers, there aren’t many poker variants to choose from
Free Pokies
Online casinos offer generous welcome bonuses and promotions to new players, and loyalty point if you keep playing
You can play any game you want, whenever you want on free casino apps
Massive cash prizes to be won
You have to put your own money on the line and play in line with your bankroll
You need to become a member and deposit money, so setup takes more time

You cannot win real money by playing free video poker games. When you are confident enough to start playing for real money, take the following into account:

Play only at reputable online casinos – If you’re unsure, look at our recommended real money poker games.
Once you’ve found your game, look at the bonuses and use them to increase your bankroll.
Remember that you need to use the same banking method to withdraw that you used to deposit.

Playing Free Video Poker Online

Video poker games can be divided into two major types: tournament and ring. Below we explain how to play each type and what newbies can expect. To dive deeper into poker rules, visit our step-by-step guide on how to play.

Ring Games

Ring games are the traditional free poker games. It doesn’t have limited playing times and players can leave or join when they want. Players can range from only two to nine at a table.


Conversely, tournaments start at a specific time when a predetermined number of players have joined. As players lose all their chips they get knocked out until only the winner remains. Its biggest advantage is that all players’ buy-in contributes to the jackpot, which is then split among the final three players.

Playing Free Video Poker on Your Mobile

Play video poker on the go with your smartphone or tablet. All the steps above are also applicable to mobile play. To get started, check out our best-rated free video poker games for mobile devices. Use these free games to prepare for real money games, as the gameplay remains the same.

Use Free Video Poker Games to Your Advantage

If you practice your poker skills often it soon becomes second nature when playing for real money.

Aim for some primary card combinations like three and four of a kind or pairs.
Don’t hold single cards in hopes of completing it in the next draw. The odds of this happening aren’t great.
Create Your hand around the highest card in the first deal. This will increase your odds of creating a high-ranking hand.
Always keep your pairs, even low scoring ones. If you drop a low-scoring pair, you might end up winning nothing at all.
Aim for a flush over a straight, but don’t break up either one unless you can make a Royal Flush.

Bonus tip −Practice by playing Jacks or Better. It is as easy as:

Ending up with at least one pair of Jacks or better in your final hand. This is great for new players as it pays out for minor hands. Its biggest payouts are typically around 4k coins for a Royal Flush (if you bet max of 5 coins). The payout rate is 99.46 if you hit anything higher than jacks or better.

Free Video Poker Variants to Play Online

There are many free video poker variants to choose from, so we shortlisted six of the most popular. These games can be played at most online casinos, whether you play on desktop or mobile.

Deuces Wild
Double Bonus Poker
Triple Play
Jokers Wild
Double Double Bonus
Multi Play

Deuces Wild

In this variant, all twos are wildcards. Use one to complete a Royal Flush and you could win big cash. Its payout rate is 100.7%, which means you have the edge when you’re playing for real money.

Double Bonus Poker

In this variant you can unlock two bonuses with four of a kind. This game is available on many casino sites.

Triple Play

Perfect for multi-taskers, this variant allows you to play three hands simultaneously. This is IGT’s most popular video poker game − both free and real money. The variation also has various types like Double Double Bonus, Deuces Wild and Draw Poker.

Jokers Wild

In this variant all Jokers are wildcards, and you need at least a pair of Kings to win. The return to player rate is 100.6% if you follow a basic strategy. The deck consists of your standard 52 cards plus one joker, 53 cards in total.

Double Double Bonus

This variant is based on Double Bonus, but with double the bonuses.Hands that contain Four of a kind plus kickers are eligible for additional payouts. The return to player rate is 100% if using a basic strategy, making this free play game perfect to hone your poker skill.

Multi Play

Multi Play (also called Multi Hand Video Poker) means you can play however many hands you want.

allows players to play as many hands of cards as they please. Some games offer up to 50. Even experienced players play this for free to get to grips with the payouts in this type.

Due to the popularity of video poker, online casinos regularly release exciting new games. We are always looking for games that offer the best player experience and returns; here’s our favorite 5 for February 2022.

CasinoTop’s Favorite 5 Video Poker Games

Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better

Rating; 5
Real money: Yes
Free games: Yes
Mobile functionality: Yes

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Jacks or Better Video Poker

Deuces Wild

Rating: 4.7
Real money: Yes
Free games: Yes
Mobile functionality: Yes

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Jacks or Better Video Poker

Joker Poker

Rating: 4.1
Real money: Yes
Free games: Yes
Mobile functionality: Yes

More about Joker Poker

Jacks or Better Video Poker

Aces and Faces

Rating: 4.5
Real money: Yes
Free games: Yes
Mobile functionality: Yes

More about Aces and Faces

Jacks or Better Video Poker

Bonus Poker

Rating: 4
Real money: Yes
Free games: Yes
Mobile functionality: Yes

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Find Your Favorite Free Mobile Video Poker Game

Regardless of your choice in online video poker games, you're bound to be entertained. Don’t fail to take advantage of the best online video poker casinos. Ready to try your hand at poker? Our click-to-play free video poker games are available to play instantly, with no download or sign-up.

Want to try other casino games? Take a look at our other games like roulette and blackjack.


How Do I Play Free Video Poker?

In free video poker you bet fake money on your ability to create the strongest poker hand possible. You are dealt 5 cards by the machine. You decide which of these to hold or drop. During the next deal the cards you didn’t keep will be replaced by new ones. The machine only deals twice, and you must build your best hand with those 10 cards. When you win your bankroll increases.

Do Free Video Poker Games Work the Same as Real Video Poker Games?

Yes, the only difference is that with free games you have a fake bankroll and no cash prizes. Free games are also run by random number generators to ensure random results each time. There is no sign-up or registration, but you do need to be connected to the internet. To play offline you need the casino app.

How Do I Improve My Gameplay?

The only way to get better at poker is to practice playing. There are some tips to hone your skills, but the best way is playing free games. Play frequently and get the pay structure of different variants. Once you have found your favorite, you can start playing for real money.

How Do I Win at Free Poker?

Winning takes time so be patient and practice often. The variant you choose to play will determine how often you win.

What Can I Win in Free Poker?

Fake money instead of real money. This fake money is added to your bankroll. Even though it’s fake, it’s great for learning how payouts in real games work before betting your own money.

Are Free Poker Games Rigged?

No, the outcomes are always completely random. Players tend to think that if they win frequently, the casinos are trying to make it easy on them to encourage real money play. But this is false. Casinos are independently audited to ensure fair and random games.

Are There Free Versions of Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better?

Yes, many well-known poker variants are available as free games, which includes Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better. For more, check out our recommendations for the best free video poker games available online.

Are Free Video Poker Games Downloadable?

Yes. While it’s not necessary to download the app, it is convenient if you prefer playing on your mobile device. Many online casinos offer free apps where you can play a wide variety of games.

Do I Have to Be 18+ to Play Video Poker for Free Online?

The rules remain the same as with all other casino games. You need to be 18 or older to play free video poker online.

Where Do I Find the BestOnline Casino for Free Video Poker?

CasinoTop recommends only the best online casinos for free video poker, so check out our top online casinos for free video poker to find your new favorite.

Do All Online Casinos Offer Free Video Poker Games?

While not all casino websites have free video poker games, most do.

Do All Video Poker Variants Have Free Versions?

Players have many different poker variants to choose from, but not all of these are available as free games.

Do Free Video Poker Games Require Skill?

Yes. While the game is based on luck, all video poker games require some skill and knowledge of poker, including free games.

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